Black Panther 2: Filming Might Start In July 2021

Well, well, well, all the plans that the Marvel Studios had in their mind about the sequel of Black Panther, they are now finally shaping to have a body. This sequel was left at the side after we experienced the unfortunate passing away of actor Chadwick Boseman. Thus, the schedules of starting production in March of 2021 were waylaid. It was when Ryan Coogler, the filmmaker of Black Panther. Thus, we have seen how Marvel is trying to navigate grief. Thus, they are also looking forward to moving.

We know how the nadir of a year has seen no Marvel films coming out for the first time since it happened in 2009. However, even though we have seen that this continuing threat of the Corona Virus makes it difficult to create and complete projects. Thus, there is a lot of chaos involved in the Phase 4 rollout of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, it is to be known that Marvel is now about to enter 2021. It is a year which is going to be the busiest.

Black Panther 2 ― Cast Info!

It is because Marvel will see juggles not only in a wide variety of films but also a major push into the television industry. All this while, there are a variety of sources that have exclusively told The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel has now started the process of production on a sequel to Black Panther. The location for filming is set to Atlanta in July. The filming is set to last for almost six months, starting from that point.

We will have Tenoch Huerta, who is a Mexican actor. He has previously appeared on a series called Narcos: Mexico by Netflix, the streaming giant. As of right now, the sources have revealed that the actor is in talks to play the role of one of the antagonists. This information has been given away by The Hollywood Reporter. All this while, we also have Letitia Wright and Lupita Nyongo, and Winston Duke with Angela Bassett set to return for this upcoming new feature. Also, many reports say Shuri, the character enacted by Wright, will come back for a more prominent role.

Black Panther 2 ― How will Marvel continue without Chadwick Boseman?

Marvel, as of right now, has made no comments regarding the story. They have even not revealed how they are going to proceed in the story without Boseman. Although, they have indicated that no one is going to use CGI to employ the late star in the upcoming film. Black Panther 2 is surely getting some special attention, but the major trouble lies on the head of various Disney Plus series. This pressure has been created by Kevin Feige as well as his executives. One of THR’s sources says that the series is surely a priority but ramping them all up takes a lot of work while the movie machinery has been established for a long time.

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