His Dark Materials Season 2: How Will The Creators Solve This Biggest Problem?

We know how difficult it was to adapt the difficult trilogy of His Dark Materials. The books have been written by Philip Pullman. A living example of such a film is in front of us. It is The Golden Compass. The film based on this story should have been a huge success. Instead, we saw that it flopped very badly. We now have two seasons of His Dark Materials with us. Despite that fact, the show still lacks something which has helped Pullman to sell 17.5 million copies of the first book itself.

Well, everything was not that bad. I mean, we witness that Ruth Wilson goes on to bring one of the most notorious villains existing in the literature to life. We also have a tasteful take on the character and just after three episodes, the fact has become clear that season two has fixed at least one major problem that came forth in the first installment.

His Dark Materials season 2 ― The Daemon Problem!

Well, the thing that sets His Dark Materials apart from other magical shows in the young adult genre is how the souls of other people alter themselves physically in the form of an animal. These creatures here are referred to as daemons. In the books, the idea of seeing someone without these daemons is pretty unnatural. It is like someone without a face or even with their ribs which are laid and thus, their hearts are torn out.

Despite this fact, a person who has seen the early episodes of this show already is aware of this unnatural state of the creature was par back in the first installment. Yes, we saw that the daemon of Lyra called Pantalaimon has appeared a lot regularly. We also saw that monkeyed, the daemon of Mrs. Coulter was around in the scenes a lot too. But the majority of the animals that we thought we would see were absent in the tale.

His Dark Materials ― The Daemon separation didn’t seem sympathetic!

Well, if the books were anything that the film had to adopt, then literally every frame should be of its best version of creatures. and all of these should interact with each other just like their human counterparts. Instead, it looked as if the majority of daemons we were seeing were conveniently flying way up ahead or hidden inside the pocket of people. Well, this fact sounds like a minor quibble but longtime fans of the franchise are going to tell you that daemons and the connection which they share to the humans are an integral part of the story.

Obviously, the major question which arises is how the audience will manage to immerse themselves in this universe if this version of His Dark Materials by BBC can not even afford to bring out this very important aspect of the tale in real life? Back in the first installment, the children were taken away from their daemons in what was supposed to be a horrific franchise. But well, as it turned out, everything was hard to sympathize with. It was even hard to grasp the enormity of this act. It was because almost everyone on the screen did not have a daemon anyway.

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