Virgin River Season 2: Production Continues, Release in 2021

Virgin River season 2 is literally just days away from getting released on the streaming giant Netflix. Thus, we have gathered all the information available on the web, and here is what we know about the new installment of the show. As you guys might already know that Virgin River is an American drama show. It has originally been created by Netflix. The plot of the tale is based on the novels that go by the same name. These have been written by Robyn Carr.

All this while, the production process on this show was carried on by Sea To Sky Productions ULC. All of the filmings took place in Canada. Also, the first installment of the show came out back on the 9th of December 2019. Instantly, we saw how it became a hit for the streaming network. We can speculate this even though no actual figures were released. Also, we have Robyn Carr, who once had an interview with the Washington Post.

Virgin River season 2
Virgin River: A still from the previous installment

Virgin River season 2 ― Renewal Status!

During this session, he said that it is so exciting to be a part of this movement, which is all about the romance genre that happens in Hollywood. He also added how he has been telling his readers to think of this show as a brand new adventure of Virgin River that has all their favorite characters. As for those people who are worried about the future of the series, there literally is no need to be. It is because even a third installment of Virgin River has been confirmed officially by Netflix.

This confirmation comes even before the second season has stepped onto the streaming platform. All this while, you guys should know that back on the 9th of September 2019, filming began for Virgin River season 2, and it came to an end on the 17th of December 2019. Once again, filming happened all in Vancouver, located in Canada. This has happened even though the story is set in the rural area of California, USA.

Virgin River season 2
Virgin River season 2 updates

Virgin River season 2 ― Release Date and Plot!

Back in October, the fans were only given a broad duration of the release date. The creators said that the show would return for a second season in fall 2020. However, no one would confirm when. Well, as of right now, Virgin River season 2 is scheduled to release on the 27th of November 2020. Well, everyone is wondering about what they can expect from the upcoming installment of this show.

As for that, an announcement came out teasing that we will see engagement, and then there will be babies. All the while, everything will be topped off with heartbreak as well as a potential murder. The synopsis says that for a small town, the Virgin River surely has its own share of drama, and we can see that Mel Monroe is definitely in the middle of all of this chaos.

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