Netflix’s Stranger Things: Will There be a Season 5?

At some point in 2021, we are going to receive Stranger Things Season 4. Also, production on the fourth installment has already started. Thus, here we wrapped up everything that a person needs to know about the upcoming season. All this while, we literally have to give no introduction to this show. I mean, it is one of the biggest flagship shows that has come out on Netflix. The first season of Stranger Things came out back in July of 2016.

Netflix finally confirmed a new season of this supernatural drama series on the 30th of September 2019. Along with that, Netflix has even signed up a multi-year deal with The Duffer Brothers. It is existent on the top with the one that the streaming giant already has with Shawn Levy. He serves in the form of a producer on this series. The official announcement of the fourth season came out with the news that the characters are not just bound to Hawkins anymore.

Stranger Things season 4
Stranger Things: Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, and Eleven

Stranger Things Season 4 ― What is the Production Status?

And as for the release date of Stranger Things season 4, 2021 seems like the earliest time which can have season 4 of the show. All this while, back in the middle of June 2020, we all got confirmation of how the entire script has been completed for the fourth outing. We also know that Stranger Things season 4 filming started back on the 7th of January 2020. Then everything was put on hold because of how this pandemic rocked our world and sent us into a potential lockdown session for approximately 6 months.

Well, this process of production was started once again later at the ending of September 2020. Also, you guys should know that Screen Gems Studios is the place where filming is happening. Also, it has been reported that the whole production crew is heading over to New Mexico for a fourth season. This confirmation was received by us in October of 2020. This is for the first time in the history of Stranger Things that filming is taking place outside of Atlanta.

Stranger Things Season 5 ― Will it ever happen?

Also, the whole Stranger Things team is filming extensively in Vilnius located in Lithuania. Also, if we continue discussing if Stranger Things season 4 will be the last, there is no confirmation yet. Especially, we do not know how the story is going to wrap up in the new season yet. Although, Shawn Levy surely has something to say about it. He said that they have a good sense of stuff that takes place in a new installment.

He says that there is a wide range of possibilities of even a fifth season after that one. Although, he says nothing has been decided till this point in time. But from everything that has been revealed, it is still unclear if a new season is happening or not. Even The Duffer Brother does not have a concrete answer about this speculation of the fans.

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