Exclusive: The Walking Dead Season 10: AMC Reveals A New Teaser Trailer

AMC Network has now come forward and released the first trailer for the tenth installment of The Walking Dead. The release of the installment has been extended into 2021. A sneak peeks for the show has come out during the middle of the season finale that happened on Sunday for Fear the Walking Dead. It discloses to the fans about a six-episode season which picks up with the survivors after the event of the bloody Whisperer War happened.

Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well as Melissa McBride along with Lauren Cohan who has returned pretty recently is going to feature with new guest stars. They are Elijah who is a fighter part of the metal masked group of travelers. We also have Mays whose character is enacted by Robert Patrick who is a survivor but looks pretty rough in visage. Also returning are the cancer-stricken wife of Negan as well as Hershel Rhee. The eight-year-old son of Maggie as well as Glenn is also going to be featured.

A zombie scene from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 10 ― What do we know?

After all the survivors have shut the Whisperers and killed Alpha and Beta because they wanted to eliminate the Whispering War, we saw Carol as well as Lydia ending the threat of the walker horde in A Certain Doom that aired in October. All this while, in the upcoming episodes which are scheduled to release on the 28th of February, we read a synopsis of the show that the survivors are trying to pick themselves up by their bootstraps after the destruction of the Whisperers who were left in their wake.

All the years of struggle are weighing upon them as their traumatic past surfaces once again. This has exposed the vulnerable sides of everyone. This is what the synopsis reads for the installment. Continuing, the official description asks about whether the group remains intact even after their state of humanity, as well as the state of their collective community and even the state of their minds, are questioned with the inner strength to persevere with all their lives.


The Walking Dead Season 10 ― What will it be about?

All this while, you guys should know that these episodes are actually the deep dives into all the characters that we do not have the typical scope as well s a scale of what is going to be a huge finale with a lot of extras by the time we all get to the concluding moments. This information has been revealed by Angela Kang back in October. She is the showrunner for this project. Kang also said that she thinks they get to tell a really cool tale that she thinks the fans are all going to love. She says that they are all going to come back in order to witness the dynamics that exist between Maggie and Negan. We will also see a lot of stories which is related to Daryl as well as Carol.

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