The Witcher Season 2: All You Need To Know About Jaskier, Answered

Well, as you guys know that the production of The Witcher season 2 was stopped earlier, but the month was still monumental for the series. Cavill was earlier caught on camera while he was riding a Zeus. The horse is popularly known as Roacb on the show. Right beside him, we had the stunt double of actress Anya Chalotra riding on a horse. There even was a huge gathering of mages that we saw in the first season of The Witcher. Tye cast, as well as the crew, was present on the Fountains Abbey for filming one of the scenes for the series.

As for the updates of The Witcher season 2, you guys should know that it will once again have our singer, that is, bard Jaskier. He literally is one of the most loved characters of the vans which are available on the show. He was constantly the one to irritate Geralt while also make him laugh in the process. It is exactly for this reason that the fans are pretty surprised by the absence of Batey from the leaks that were meant for season 2. All this while, we should thank a tip from one source of a news media outlet called What’s On Netflix. They have confirmed that Jaskier is indeed going to come back for a second installment, but he will not be alone this time.

The Witcher: A picture of Jaskier, the bard

The Witcher season 2 ― Jaskier will return!

As it so happens, we will also see a significant character from the past of Jaskier. He is actually a key element of the singer’s origin story. This character is Countess de Stael, as the readers might already know that this Countess has been mentioned many times in the novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. These books have the story on which The Wither is based on. Back in The Witcher season 1, episode 5, we have Jaskier saying that The Countess de Stael has once said to him that destiny is actually the embodiment of our souls’ desire to grow.

Later, he commands a djinn to fulfill his wish that the Countess would welcome him with all the open arms and, well, a little clothing. Although, the djinn did not give any ears to the wish mentioned by Jaskier. Although, we can speculate that a variety of lines will be crossed in the second installment. Also, earlier this year, various sources have revealed that Netflix is set on casting this character’s roles.

The Witcher season 2 ― a prequel film is in the works!

Also, we know how Netflix is trying to lay all of its emphasis on The Witcher season 2. They still are present in the early stages of production on a second project. It is all set in the Continent as the prequel to Blood Origin. This project is scheduled to start filming just after the crew members have wrapped up with the shooting of The Witcher Season 1. It is set to tell the story of the creation of Witchers.

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