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“Rebecca” Stars: Armie Hammer and Lily James, Talk About Their Roles in the Movie

Rebecca is a classic novel that has been penned down by Daphne Du Maurier. Ben Wheatley adapted this tale into a film which has recently released on Netflix. Actress Lily James and Armie Hammer have taken on the lead roles in this film. Previously, the role was played by Joan Fontaine as well as Laurence Oliver. Obviously, we have seen even after 70 years of its publishing. The novel remains a classic one.

It ensures the text for a variety of good reasons, which all make it very interesting. It is the nature of the characters at the center of the whole story. The audience later discovers that they were the ones who were up to some of the very reprehensible acts. Lily and Armie have been talking to previous news media platforms, and they revealed what it was like to play the parts of such morally ambivalent characters.


James even said that the second Mrs. De Winter tries to react to events in a very, very human manner. Lily says that for her, the moment when we witness the ambivalence and then suddenly start questioning this character that has been leading you through. She says that this is when new Mrs. Winter finds out about what Maxim did, and her reaction is that she still loves him no matter what.

She was very shocked and think that it is not what it looked like, and these people are actually not what they seemed to be. But all this time, Lily says that she thinks it is really natural that this character has sent herself insane, and it is so important that she clutches on her sanity that she actually is not crazy at all and that he did love her after all.

Lily says that the loving part was more important to her, and this is why it is all morally ambivalent, but it is also deeply human and thus totally why she wanted to play the role. Hammer says that he totally agrees with what Lily says but also added his side of opinions. He says that when they play a character who might actually turn out to be very ambivalent in his morales, it is essential that you do not give much thought to that.

He says that when an actor is in the middle of playing this person, an opportunity is obviously not provided to them to say that it is an ambiguous character from his morals. The actor says that they sort of have to believe that he aligns himself completely with the point of view of this character, and it does not feel ambiguous to him at all, and this is everything that makes sense to him. He says if an actor comes into a role with ambiguity, it will portray itself as a bit vague, like maybe the actor does not have a point of view enough about it.



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