The Characters Not Returning To Narcos: Mexico in Season 3

Well, as all the fans of the Netflix series called Narcos: Mexico already knows how the platform dropped their latest second installment this year in 2020. All this while, people have started wondering about what might the next chapter hold for the series and how will the plot of Narcos: Mexico season 3 will be like. Also, the audience is promised extreme action sequences in the new season of the show, which comes along with the super intense drama plot.

Everything has been led by the Narco Juniors. It all happens when the gang of Ramon Arellano Felix begins to deteriorate. Season 2 came out in February 2020. Although there surely was a big cliffhanger at the end of the show. We saw a huge exchange between Walt Breslin as well as Angel Felix Gallardo. It happens after the latter one has been sent to prison.

Updates about the cast members!

But obviously, this does not mean that the tale of these Mexican drug lords has been told fully. All this while, Narcos Mexico season 3 has been confirmed by Netflix to drop off on their streaming platform. Also, we will learn more about the war, which is responsible for breaking down the empire splinters of Felix. All this while, a few of the changes have been announced both in front of the camera and behind it.

As for the cast members, we have seen Puerto Rican hitmaker and Latin trap music star Bad Bunny. He has revealed that he is again going to guest star in the new season. He will reprise the role of Arturo Kitty Paez, who is a member of the so-called Narco Juniors gang. This group was run by Felix. Well, there also are some other additions to the third installment. It includes Luis Gerardo Mendez, who enacts the character of Victor Tapia. He is a Juarez cop who is suffering from a moral dilemma.

Felix Gallardo will not return!

Then we have Alberto Guerra, who enacts the character of Ismael El Mayo Zambada. He is an independent drug trafficker who is silently a step ahead of anyone else. Then the cast list includes Luisa Rubino playing the part of journalist Andrea Nunez. She is an idealistic journalist who comes across a bigger tale than what she has expected. But the main question which arises is that if she will live long enough to tell her story?

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Although, we can all understand that Diego Luna will not return in the form of Felix Gallardo. Even though Gallardo is still alive, he has remained incarcerated since his arrest that happened for the murder of Camarena. All this while, even Luna has work to shoot on the Star Wars: Rogue One. It is a spinoff series that features his character of Cassian Andor, and this schedule could collide against the filming season of Narcos Mexico.

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