Updates About The Characters Employed in Vikings: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla can be considered as a brand new spinoff series that is set for the hit show, Vikings. Its parent show is actually a signature series on the History Channel. This Netflix original is set to come around the world at some point in time during 2021. Well, here, we have provided a roundup of every piece of information that we can gather about the first season of Vikings: Valhalla. This show is going to come on Netflix, the streaming giant, pretty soon. It is an original drama about the history of the Scandinavian people called Vikings and how it took place.

The show has been created by Michael Hirst. It is actually a spinoff show of the popular History Channel series titled Vikings. All this while, you guys should know that the show will be produced by MGM production just like its predecessor did. Also, Jeb Stuart is set on board to pen down the show. He has previously worked on a set of projects such as The Fugitive, which came out back in 1993. Then he gave his presence on films like Hard that released in 1988. He is also currently set to work on The Liberator for the streaming platform Netflix.

Spinoff series set for the History Channel alum on Netflix!

All this while, the tale of this spinoff series, Vikings: Valhalla, is set at the end of the Viking age. It draws ever closer as the Kingdom of England stands high in front of their raiders from Scandinavia. All this while, King Edward the Confessor has died, and we see that three lords make a claim to the throne of England and its Kingdom. This changes the future that England has to hold forever. Also, it has already been confirmed by the creators that we will witness the following historical figures coming into action.

The list includes Leif Erikson as well as Freydis, and Harald Hardrada, along with William the Conqueror. Back in August of 2020, it was confirmed about a variety of characters and the first set of actors who are set to appear. Although, the official cast names for all these characters have not been revealed yet by the creators. With that being discussed, we can now move over to the section where we talk about some of the main character names and their description.

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Character description of Leif Eriksson!

Leif Eriksson, also known as Vidar Skardesson: This character is born in Iceland while he is raised in Greenland. We have Vidar in order to represent a new breed of Viking. He is raised far from the Norse mothership, and he literally has no experience of raiding. But we are quickly going to discover that it does not mean he is any less of a Viking. Vidar is actually a warrior as well as an adventurer who is pretty fascinated by unknown lands. This character is also not afraid of the seas. When we meet him in the show, he has just piloted a tiny ship of Greenlanderd across 2000 miles of the North Atlantic.

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