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Agent Carter: Here’s Why ABC Cancelled The Series in 2016

All the fans are aware of the fact that Agent Carter was the second TV spinoff series, which was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was meant to build the connection between a variety of past and present stories available in the MCU storylines. The timeline of this series is set in 1946, after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger has taken place. The series throws the entire spotlight on the agent Peggy Carter from the SSR.

This is when she works along with Howard Stark as well as the Jarvis family in order to create a new intelligence agency. This group will later be known as the SHIELD. Even though the show has a pretty strong fanbase and the positive response has been cast its way, the series has only released two seasons and was thus canceled in 2016. Despite all of that, the presence of Peggy in Agent Carter has served as a powerful though the subtle impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Agent Carter: A still

Agent Carter

Here are the reasons why Agent Carter in the MCU was canceled!

Also, the friendship which she shared with Howard Stark literally saved his life at one point in time. This can be considered as an action that has ensured the birth of Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. She has also mentioned a variety of scientific achievements that are made by Bruce Banner in the first season. It was when she had destroyed the last remaining sample of the blood of Steve Roger so that no one will ever use it ever again. He has sacrificed the last piece of himself for the greater good.

This event later is going to have a direct influence on Bruce Banner, who would later become the Hulk after he tries to replicate the Super Soldier serum. Well, if Peggy never destroyed that sample, there would be no Hulk right now. Also, given the fact of how deeply this character was connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it came to a potential end because of the lack of viewership and how it had to change networks. In the first season, there were not many viewers, and the second season dropped about 2 million viewership rates. Another problem happened when there was a change of presidents at ABC. During this, Paul Lee stepped down from his duties.

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Later, actress Hayley Atwell came forward explaining the cancellation of the series. She said it was a shame that the network had to cancel it and wanted to put her in something which was even more mainstream. She also added how Marvel did not want this series to come to an end, and there are even a variety of online campaigns that appeal to the creators for bringing this show back. She says that fans loved her, but it was just a network economical thing.

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