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Virgin River Season 3: Filming Already Underway!

Virgin River season 2 has now come out on Netflix, and obviously, the fans who have been anxiously waiting for the show look pretty satisfied. Even though this series’s wait felt like an eternity, it was just a year after the parent installment was released on the streaming giant. All this while, everyone has turned their eyes towards the third season. Everyone knows that it has not been renewed officially yet but is highly speculated to come back. Well, here we have wrapped all the information which is available regarding Virgin River season 3.

Also, here is a quick recap for any person who is not aware of the show. Virgin River is a feel-good series that actually is a cross between a show situated between ABC and Hallmark content. The tale of this show is a feel-good story that has employed characters who are pretty down to earth. All this while, the talented actors’ acting skills should be appreciated with the script, which is just awesome. The first installment of Virgin River came out on the 6th of December 2019, which the second one had just come out three days ago.

Release Date Details

Netflix has not come up with any official announcement regarding a third season till this point in time. Although, reports have shown that the third season is already set in the process of production. The first time that we ever heard about Virgin River season 3 was back in July of 2020. This was when the news media outlets received a production listing that says that the third installment was not only in the process of development, but is also expected to start the production process. The time duration for this process was scheduled from August of 2020 through December of 2020. Perhaps, the biggest confirmation for the third season came in when the two main cast members have posted a video that says that a new season will release in 7 days. Although, at this point in time, they were filming a new season.

What cast members will return to the show?

If this video is actually filmed just 7 days before, this means that a third installment is surely on its way even though Netflix does not want us to know about it. All this while, a third season of the series will witness the core cast members returning once again. Although, this news about cast members has not been officially confirmed, you all should keep this in mind.

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Also, we have already received another new cast member for the third outing. The new casting might actually be Jasmine Vega. She will enact the character of Stella from the third season. Vega has previously been seen in other Netflix shows such as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in the form of Lizzie.

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