The Expanse: All Your Doubts About Sol Gate Answered

Almost all the fans of the Sci-fi show called The Expanse have seen how the first three seasons of the series have dealt with a mysterious alien thing, which is known as the Protomolecule. This series has aired for four-season mainly on the Amazon Prime Platform, and the fifth season is prepared for release on December 16, 2020. Additionally, the sixth and final season has already been called to film in early 2021 to finish this space endevour.

All this while, the agent was a mystery up until the entire purpose of all of this was brought to light. It was when this thing turned into a Sol Gate. It is a revelation that has irrevocably turned the status quo of humanity while it should go forward. The Sol Gate is a stable wormhole. With the use of it, spaceships can enter or even access a massive network of other gates that have been established across the whole universe. Inside the gates of it, the travelers find themselves in a no-space. It is actually a gap in all of our dimensions, which keeps going on by a mysterious station of an origin by the aliens at its center, called The Hub.

Here is what the use of Protomolecule is all about!

The currently open gate number around 1,300 in all, which leaves this network. It is along with a vast mystery that even has implications that can be dangerous. This network has even existed as a means for an unknown civilization of the aliens which existed in the extreme past. It can even be a source to explore the universe. These gates were even trusted to be a manner through which we can establish contact with the other alien life. At this point in time, it is not clear about how many gates have been opened till now or even how many more stay dormant throughout the whole universe.

You guys should know that the Sol Gate is the final product of the Protomolecule. It is an alien substance that was first found out by Mars on Phoebe, which is a moon of Saturn. Mars did not know about this protogen, and thus he completely misunderstood it and approached it. It is an Earth corporation which is run by the industrialist, that is, Jules Pierre Mao. Although, in secret, Mars, as well as Protogen, has also founded a research station on Phoebe to study the Protomolecule. The duo thought that it possessed some alien intelligence. All this while, the researchers at Mao even tried to weaponize the Protomolecule.

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They all hoped that this new alien weapon could be used to foment the tensions between Earth as well as Mars and the Belt into all-out war. Although, everyone just completely failed to take in the actual purpose of it. Also, everyone should know that these Protomolecule even have a series of subroutines in it. Everything that is designed is to adopt a matter of living or inert and then reprogram it. This changes whatever comes into contact with it on the molecular level.

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