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“Scream 5” Will Represent Wes Craven’s Horror Legacy, Courtney Cox Mentions The Late Filmmaker

Actress Courtney Cox has now taken to her personal Instagram handle to celebrate the end of the filming process for the fifth installment set in the Scream franchise. She even paid all her tribute to the horror genre’s late legend, that is, Wes Craven. The Friends actress captioned the picture saying that Scream has just wrapped up filming, and all of this started 25 years ago. She also mentions how it was Wes Craven, who directed the film.

This was actually an old picture of the actress where she was posing alongside the director. She says that when she walks back on the set after 25 years, she was not much sure about what to expect from the filming but instead, what she found was an incredible new cast as well as the two highly talented directors. She continued by saying that she is pretty sure that Wes will be very proud, and all the credit goes to Kevin Williamson for creating this blockbuster legacy.

Scream finishes filming on their fifth installment.

You guys might already know that it was Wes Craven who has helmed the first four films set in the franchise of Scream. All of these films were created by Kevin Williamson. Although, back in 2015, just four weeks after the director celebrated his 76th birthday, Wes Craven passed away. The recent installment has just wrapped up all the photography and filming for the movie, despite the delays in the production status of the film posed by the Coronavirus. Thus, this new installment is being directed by Matt Bettinelli Olpin as well as Tyler Gillet.

Williamson has served this project in the form of an executive producer, and thus, he has announced the title of this film. He has even shared the behind the scenes pictures across the whole social media back on the 18th of November 2020. He has also said in one of his posts that Wes would have been very proud of the film which Matt and Tyler are now making. Well, at this point in time, only a few details have come out regarding the plot of Scream. It was previously revealed by Bettinelli Olpin and Gillet that the fifth film is going to serve in the form of a sequel, and it is obviously not a franchise reboot.

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Here is what Tyler Gillet has to say!

Gillet said that it all felt like the only way to do this the right way was by creating a special link to the original films, and according to him, a lot of Scream films are all about it, that is, lineage. He also revealed how they are now going to revolutionize pop culture and the revolution of the genre. He also disclosed his thoughts about giving the nod to what came before, to have something new. Even actor David Arquette who has a role in this film, opened up about the feeling of absence of Wes while he was working on the new film.

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