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The Dig: Netflix’s Original Movie For January 2021

The Dig is going to serve as one of the first films to release in 2021 on Netflix. It can be considered as a period drama that is going to release at the end of January 2021. Although the film even will go through a few theatrical releases also. Thus, here we have provided almost all the details about this upcoming movie. This tale employs a cast list studded with stars. The release date on Netflix around the whole world is set for the 29th of January 2021. All this while, a minimal theatrical release is set for the 15th of January 2021.

These are just the superficial details about the film because much of them are kept under tight wraps. Its release on Netflix suggests that it is surely on the platform’s list of titles. Although, it hopes pretty well at a variety of award shows throughout the whole year. The film is going to drop off in January of 2021. The coming year is looking pretty strong for all the new Netflix original content. The streaming giant has even acquired Pieces of Woman, which is also set to come out earlier that same month.

The Dig: What is the story all about?

The tale of this film is based on a true story. It has been adapted from the John Preston novel, which goes by the same name and was published in 2007. The story is set just before World War II happened. In this film, we can all witness a widower who hires the help of an archaeologist to excavate her massive estate in the hopes of finding some treasure.

The Dig

The Dig to release in January 2021

This activity results in people finding Sutton Hoo. If a person desires to know even more about the plot of this tale, then there is a video that might aid you regarding that. There is an excellent breakdown of the whole story by Art History Girl on YouTube for all the keen readers like us. It happens to provide almost all the context regarding the whole film.

All the crew information

Simon Stone is the iconic person who has directed this film. He even has many other successful projects under his name that includes films like The Daughter, which were released in 2015. The director has even helmed The Turning, a superhit blockbuster film that came out back in 2013. Also, it is BBC Films that are providing the banner to this tale to get a production.

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Companies like Magnolia Mae Films and Clerkenwell Films are also contributing their share to the production of The Dig. This has all happened before the official rights to this movie were acquired by Netflix. Also, the screenplay of this film has been written by Moira Buffini. However, it is solely based on the novel written by Josh Preston.

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