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HBO’s Euphoria: Special Episode Trailer and Release Details

Recently we have witnessed how a trailer for the special two episodes of Euphoria has released just a few days before. It has revealed that the story starts once again with Rue in the spotlight. This character will b enacted by the Emmy award-winning actress and model, that is, Zendaya. We will see how the events will turn after she has abandoned her best friend and lover, Jules. It happened at the train station.

You all guys should know that Euphoria is an HBO Original show that discloses the life of a variety of teenagers who study in high school. We witness them as they pave their way through complex friendship circles and drug abuse and love life while also having their own identities. Well, this creates much of a conversation about a hellscape, which we all call a High School.

Euphoria will have two special episodes.

This show’s cast list employs actress Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Maude Apatow, and last but not least, Jacob Elordi. The first season of Euphoria came out back in the summers of 2019. It instantly became a blockbuster TV show. And why not? It literally portrays reality and life which a common kid goes through. It has even won multiple awards for best makeup as well as music. The first special episode called Trouble Don’t Last Always, will be available on-demand early on December 4 at HBO streaming service and air on television on December 6.

All this while, we have Zendaya coming off as the youngest best actress to win an Emmy Award in its history. Obviously, each and everyone knows that this ward was well earned by her. She portrays the character of a young drug addict who is struggling to stay sober. She fights with her drug dealer, who won’t sell to her because he sees her as a family. Later in the scenes, she falls in love with a girl with whom she doesn’t have the guts to run away.

As we have seen in the last episode of Euphoria season 1, Rue leaves Jules at the train station after making instant plans to run away together. Thus, after this grieve incident, she heads back home with a heavy heart and soon does a line of cocaine and relapses. As of right now, we are going to get two new special episodes before the second season of the series. Also, HBO has now come up with a trailer for the same.

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It shows us a depressed or maybe even a drugged-out Rue who is waiting in a dinner booth while she is staring at nothing in particular. The trailer is then mixed with the previous season’s finale, where Rue decides to run away with Jules. This shows how disappointed she is with herself. This rush of emotions breaks in their tracks as she snaps to her sponsor. That is, Ali calls out her name. He asks her bout why Rue had called him while she looks up in desperation and guilt.

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