Reasons Why The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Was The Best!

All the fans of The Vampire Diaries are quite aware of the fact that over the course of its eight installments, the show has followed pretty unusual plots. Even though the best content was posed in the later seasons, the show peaked in the second season. It was when we saw that the vampires dropped more bodies than The Ripper. This took all the characters in new as well as some old but interesting directions. Here is why many fans think that season 2 was actually the best one of The Vampire Diaries.

This outing portrayed the Mikaelsons taking the spotlight from everyone else. The second season even saw the introduction where we later would have the Originals spinoff show. They were the first-ever vampires to exist on Earth. By having them in the scenes, everyone else literally looked out of their depths. With just 15 minutes on the screen, we witnessed that Elijah Mikaelson has snapped the whole head off of a very ancient vampire who also happens to be pretty powerful.

The Vampire Diaries season 2: cast

The Vampire Diaries season 2: Katherine’s character developed with The originals

He even removes a stake from his own heart. Later in the scenes, we saw the entry of Klaus Mikaelson. This character proved himself to be equally deadly. Thus, it was established that the Originals are really not someone to mess around with. The introduction of the Originals further worked even more to flesh out Katherine. It provided her with a tragic backstory that explains all the evil of which she was capable of.

Thus, Katherine was provided with a richer motivation and hence, led to better storytelling for the series as a full thing. Obviously, the Originals have proven themselves to be the best villains that existed in the entire run of The Vampire Diaries. Everyone who came after them did not match their level of challenges. In the early half of season 2, we all acknowledged that Caroline had become a vampire. This finally upgraded her position from a sidekick to the main storyline.

The Vampire Diaries season 2 helped these characters grow.

This event even helped the character grow past the fact that there was a stereotype of the young dumb blonde type. As contrary to what we saw in the first season, she became a major player in the tale during the second season. A bit of the same glow up happened to the character of Tyler Lockwood. It was when he was revealed as a werewolf. Even though he never came up as important as Caroline, even a threat of werewolf provided credibility to the hype which exists around the original hybrid.

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Even after everything that was going on with the tale of The Vampire Diaries season 2, the creators even provided the characters of Bonnie and Damon some real growth. In the first installment, we all agree that Damon was a bit of a third wheel. Although, in the second one, he changed himself into an active participant in the things around him.

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