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The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2: Netflix Officially Picks Up The Series

Netflix provided The Baby-Sitters Club with an official nod to go on and create another season. This news came out back in October of 2020. All this while, even a preliminary filming schedule has been decided for the cast and crew for the next year. The series has adapted its tale based on the novel written down by Ann M. Martin. The genre of this show is all about comedy as well as drama. The show is specially made for kids and proved to be a success on Netflix, the streaming giant, over the summer.

Because of this factor, the show got a renewal back in October this year. The series has been created by Walden Media who has pretty recently come up with their family-friendly film. It is a must-watch film if you are in love with The Baby-Sitters Club. Also, beyond its official renewal, everything is staying under tight wraps. This was until a new production listing came off. It encounters the series to come back for filming in the early half of 2021. The shooting location is set for Vancouver, Canada.

The Baby-Sitters Club season 2

The Baby-Sitters Club

Officially renewed by Netflix!

According to production, the listing made by the creators, the new installment is due to get finished in just a few months. It also states that filming starts on the 16th of February 2021. It is also supposed to go on until the 13th of Apr 2021. Also, everyone should keep one fact in their mind that these days, even the official status of production is not confirmed. Everything might take a U-Turn these days after the pandemic has rocked our worlds.

There are many restrictions that bar the proceedings of fast conduct of the show. There even is a new log line that says that the second installment of the show throws the entire spotlight on friendship and the adventures of Kristy Thomas and her friends. The list includes Mary Anne Spier, Stacey McGill, Jessie Ramsey, Claudia Kishi, Dawn Schafer, Mallory Pike. They will continue their story in the form of middle schoolers who start their babysitting business in the town of Stoneybrook, located in Connecticut.

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The Baby-Sitters Club season 2 ― When will it release?

Well, there is nothing yet revealed regarding the release date of the show. But we can all expect that the show might return for a second season somewhere in the middle or later in 2021. As of right now, the show has been enlisted by IMDb for a release date of 2021. According to the IMDbPro section meant for The Baby-Sitters Club season 2, the creators have confirmed that the show will feature the return of a majority of the main cast members.

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