Netflix’s Big Mouth Will Address The Concerns of Jenny Slate Over BLM in a Special Episode

Big Mouth has come up as one of the top-rated shows present on Netflix, the streaming giant. Although, pretty recently, the creators have announced the big news. They reveal that Jenny Slate, the actress who has given her voice to the bi-racial character, that is, Missy, is going to quit the show. It is because she will be replaced by another actor of color, that is, Ayo Edibiri. Back on the 25th of May, when George Floyd by killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis, there are various projects who have taken account of this incident.

The industry of entertainment has especially shown their growing concerns over this problem of whitewashing in the mainstream media. On this show, that is, Big Mouth, the Missy, is the character who is born to Black as well as Jewish parents. Nick Kroll is the creators of this series, and in one of his recent interviews, he has talked regarding this character. He noted that the parents of Missy had shied away from the tough conversations around race even though she has grown up in a bi-racial household.

On the right is the character of Missy.

Slater quits her role as Missy in Big Mouth!

She is even told by her parents that they do not witness any race, according to Nick. Although, as Nick says, Missy is a young Black Woman and while she grows up in a predominantly white area, this girl, over the course of her aging, surely starts to realize the difference in her. All this while, you guys should know that the creators have all planned a pretty special episode for this show. It is titled A Very Special 9/11 Episode.

The story of this episode will throw light, especially on the code-switching. In common language, this is actually a process where people shift and change their way of speaking. This happens between languages as well as variations of languages. As for the case of Missy and her experience, the term code-switching means the whitewashing of language and the manner in which a person of color has to change the way they speak. They do so in order to fit themselves into an area where whites dominate the people.

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In this episode, we witness that Missy realizes how this show has come to realize that her language has been jumping to a meta-textual level. Before Slate departed, the episode script which was written had Missy saying that she is really struggling with her racial identity at that moment. She says that her mother is white, but her dad is Black. She would also say that her character is voiced by a white actress who is 37 years of age. Also, Kroll revealed how it was Slate herself who approached them in the first place with concerns over voicing a Black character.

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