“Anne with an E”: Petition To Renew The Show, At The 1.5 Million Mark

Anne with an E’s final season, came out back in January of 2020. It is available to stream online on Netflix. At this point in time, the show still has a lot to cover in its future installments. But Netflix, as well as CBC, have not greenlit the hit series for a fourth installment. The show has been one of the favorites of the fans. Its genre is all about feeling good. It exists in co-production with CBC, a Canadian state broadcaster. The first installment of the series came out back in March of 2017.

Anne, with an E, had crossed the mark of 1,000,000 signatures back in July of 2020. This count comes when it had just 600,000 in the early days of June and was still at 900,000 on the 20th of July 2020. Well, you guys should know the most surprising news about this campaign for Anne with an E. It is set to surpass the line meant for 1.5 million signatures. This means that this event still holds the accolade of being the largest revival campaign ever happened for a Netflix series in the history of Netflix. Here we have provided a lot back at the campaign meant for Anne with an E and whatever a person can contribute to help the fans.

It has been adapted from the classic novels penned down by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series has recently celebrated its third anniversary. On this occasion, we had Moira Walley Beckett, the showrunner of the series, commenting. First of all, she thanked all the fans of Anne with an E by saying that Anne Nation is the sweetest. The showrunner then remembered how 3 years ago, that day, their show came out for the first time.

Here is how fans have shown their love for this Netflix series!

All this while, Anne with an E season 3 has just hit the headlines once again. It was when it had a great night at the annual Canadian Screen Awards. All in all, the series has garnered approximately 17 nominations that include some big titles, such as best lead actress for Amybeth McNulty. There even was a nomination for best drama series being in the headline nominations. At this point in time, there had been such milestones in the campaign to renew Anne with an E. One of the earliest signs that portrayed how dedicated fans are for the show was with the New York Times Square billboard effort.

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These fans spent money from their own pockets just to buy the billboards. This has happened throughout Canada too. There even were rumors that fans were buying billboards on highways in American states such as Texas. This was when Moira wrote that she is a writer, but that day, words have failed her. She says that she can not express how the Anne Nation has filled her whole heart. Moira says that fans have now created yet another amazing as well as a unified gesture of love.

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