Netflix’s Malcolm and Marie: Zendaya Starrer Set To Hit February 2021

Sam Levinson is one heck of an iconic man. He has created the blockbuster drama on HBO called Euphoria. Well, as of right now, he has a new film on its way towards Netflix. This film will have Zendaya in the lead role along with actor John David Washington. Zendaya has worked with Sam on Euphoria and has even won an Emmy Award for her role. John has been spotted on the recently released Tenet by Christopher Nolan. Although, the forthcoming Malcolm and Marie are going to be an extremely intimate take on the story. So, we have wrapped up everything that a curious fan needs to know about the upcoming film on Netflix.

You might have deciphered till now that Malcolm and Marie is an upcoming movie on Netflix, the streaming giant. It has been written as well as directed by Sam Levinson himself. Sam improved wonders when he finished writing the screenplay for this project in just 6 days. Later, as it so happened, that Netflix won the rights to this film. It was when they won a bidding war against Searchlight Pictures, HBO as well as A24. The production media has even paid 30 million US dollars to get the rights for this film.

Release Date and Plot of Malcolm and Marie

As of right now, a set release date has been confirmed by the creators. Malcolm and Marie’s release date is scheduled to be the 5th of February 2021, which is a Friday. The plot of the film throws the entire spotlight on Malcolm, who is a filmmaker, as well as his partner Marie. They both are riding on a high while celebrating his most recent movie premiere.

Malcolm and Marie
A still from Malcolm and Marie

As the couple wait to learn more about Malcolm’s film’s success among the critics, something happens. Their evening together takes a turn for the worse. It is when a surprising revelation takes place about their relationship. As their compatibility is now put at stake, it will be intriguing to find out if the couple will still be together by the end of the night or not?

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Malcolm and Marie ― Who is the cast?

Also, at this point in time, just two actors have been confirmed for the upcoming tale. It is Malcolm and Marie, definitely. No one even knows who the rest of the characters on this project is. This has made the Sam Levinson film a pretty intimate drama. Although, as we can make out, Zendaya is going to reprise the role of Marie. All this while, John David Washington is set to play the part of Malcolm.

Washington is quite popular in the industry of entertainment for his roles in BlacKkKlansman as Spike Lee as well Tenet (as we discussed earlier). Then we have Zendaya, who has had recent success in her hit teenage drama called Euphoria. She has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Best Actress and became the youngest female to hold an Emmy.

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