Freaky’s Writer Says That The Film Is A Celebration Of A Queer-Horror Genre

Michael Kennedy serves the project, that is, Freaky, in the form of a co-writer. Not a long time ago, he disclosed this film, which has themes such as body switching as a celebration of queer horror. The genres that are included in this tale are horror as well as comedy. Kennedy revealed in a tweet that Booker, as well as Millie sitting in the backseat, is the major reason why they have created this film. Then in a full capital letter, he wrote ‘QUEER HORROR FOREVER.’

Kennedy continued his tweet by saying he was himself a scared and ashamed, closeted teenage who always found his safety in horror films. This is why being a part of a horror film and co-create one that is undoubted queer but also celebrated identity was something out of his wildest dreams. He says that Freaky movie is his dream, which has now come to light and thus, asks all his followers to enjoy the tale.

Freaky: A still from the film

Freaky Movie: What is the movie all about?

The film throws the entire spotlight on a killing spree of the serial killer, quite known as The Butcher. This role is reprised by actor Vince Vaughn. Then we see how he accidentally swaps bodies with a high school student, that is, Millie Kessler. The character of Millie is enacted by Kathryn Newton. In this scene, all the fans can witness Millie as well as Booker. Booker happens to be her high school crush. At this point in time, we have Millie, who explains how powerful she feels when she is in the body of Butcher.

A major chunk of the intention behind Freaky is to break the common beliefs held by people about women, queer people as well as people of color. For example, we can see that the character of Josh, played by Misha Osherovich, is actually a commentary on the Gay Best Friend stereotype who, at one point in the film, is found shouting to another character, that is, Nyla. The character of Nyla is enacted by Celeste O’ Connor. He says to her that she is black and he is gay, and this is why they are so dead.

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From where does Freaky derives its inspiration?

Freaky is a film which has taken its inspiration from Freaky Friday. It is a children’s novel that came out in 1972. Other films behind this project’s inspiration happened to be Friday the 13th. Also, you guys should know that Freaky has actually broken several sorts of molds. All this while, Christopher Landon, the writer, and director of this film, has described this project as the goriest Disney film that has ever been made. There is also a long history of queer horror films that goes back to the 1930s. Or maybe as long far as the filmmakers, as well as the artists, had to hide themselves as well as their stories through a metaphor and even some other small details.

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