The Undoing: All Your Doubts About Elena Alves’s Murder Cleared

At the point in time when The Undoing, the HBO miniseries started, it literally looked like a classic whodunit. Also, as all the fans already know, the answer to the popular question of who killed Elena Alves exists in Jonathan Fraser. In any other case, this factor could mean that the killer could actually be anyone but Jonathan. This factor made the reveal that happened on Sunday an unusual one if it was not surprising.

After we have witnessed six episodes that are full of red herrings which at various points in time have directed towards Grace as well as Fernando as well as Henry, but the murderer of Elena was finally revealed in the finale of the miniseries. And as it turns out, it was indeed Jonathan, as you guys might already know, that this factor has deviated from the usual whodunit formula.

The Undoing
The Undoing: A still

HBO’s The Undoing ― Who has killed Elena Alves?

We know how the majority of the evidence has only directed us in the path of Jonathan from the start. The man had gone into hiding after he committed the murder and even kept secrets from his own family, such ad his affair with Elena. Also, he had even lost his job a few months ago. We saw how he was present at the crime scene that very night. In a typical whodunit, all of these factors would mean that there is no way in hell that it was Jonathan who has done the murder.

It would mean that he is getting framed by someone else. Although, as it so happens, it has proved to be an intentional misdirection on behalf of The Undoing. Also, it is expected of the audience to ignore the very obvious in favor of looking for signs that talk about anyone else. All the while, Jonathan had his own insistence saying that he did not kill Elena. Thus, this is what drove the point further. Underlying this factor is a play on the idea that a privileged man can either not do it, but if he has done this, he has gotten away.

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How did the show set up the whodunit story of murder for Elena Alves?

Obviously, we know that the latter is clearly the goal of his defense and him deciding to prevent the whole prosecution from finding him guilty instead of actually going up there and proving his innocence. For a long period in time, everyone thought that this was going to go that way until the testimony of Grace took place. Grace happens to be a trained psychologist who testifies that she is aware of the fact that Jonathan is a man of empathy.

She says that he can not even harm a fly, but then things take a U-turn when the defense, in reply, plays the 911 call made by her. During this voice recording, she clearly states that she is scared of Jonathan when he first appeared at their home in the countryside. Well, after he was confronted with this impending conviction, we see that Jonathan takes his son Henry for a ride as his last attempts to escape reality.

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