Cobra Kai Season 3: Netflix Sets Release For January 2021

The third installment of Cobra Kai comes out after the terrible high school collision that has happened between their dojos. This has left Miguel Diaz in a very precarious situation. Now the question that fans need an answer to is, will he ever get recovered or not? All this while, we witness that Daniel Russo, the character enacted by Ralph Macchio, is searching for his own set of answers.

They are all related to his past. Also, we can see that Johnny Lawrence, whose role is reprised by William Rabka, his true rival, is searching for redemption as Cobra Kai goes on with his success that he has enjoyed in the past. It happened when the Karate Kid spinoff came out on Netflix earlier this year. Because of this reason, this ex-YouTube series was introduced to a wider range of audience.

Cobra Kai Season 3 ― Has it been renewed?

As you guys should know, the first two seasons of the series have both come out on Netflix in August. At this point in time, fans are anxiously waiting for a third season to release on the platform in 2021. A trailer has surely been released regarding the new installment, and it offers us a first look at the next installment. You guys should know that this is not the only good news that has been released by the creators.

Yes, Netflix has now even given an official nod to the Cobra Kai season 4 too. The timeline of this series is after 34 years of the iconic All Valley Karate Tournament. This happened in the parent film of the Cobra Kai franchise. Although, the twist is, the film has been narrated from the point of view held by Johnny Lawrence. This character is the antagonist of the film. All this while, we have both actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, playing their designated parts.

Airing Details

Well, here we have wrapped up everything that a person needs to know about Cobra Kai season 3. The first two installments of the series came out originally on YouTube Premium, but later the rights were handed over to Netflix, the streaming giant. Thus, a fan can binge watch the previous 20 episodes there. Also, Cobra Kai’s season 3 release date has now been scheduled for the 8th of January 2021, which is a Friday and exactly a month from now.

This date was confirmed in an announcement made by Netflix, which tells us about the sneak peek at what is to come next in the show. Well, as if this news was not exciting enough, Netflix even dropped off the news of a fourth season being confirmed. Cobra Kai can be considered as a brand new take on the franchise of Karate Kid. It lays all of its focus on the character of Johnny Lawrence, who is 34 years of age. This has happened after the events of the first film.

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