All You Need To Know About Maxwell Lord From WW84

Well, we all are quite aware of the fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is now going to release pretty soon. It has promised to put all the DC Comics icon through its own paces. This will happen when the character reunites with a figure who belongs to her past. This is exactly when Diana Prince has to fight against her two fatal foes. At this point in time, a lot of fans are quite anticipated to witness a classic Cheetah in a live-action series for the first time. Also, we have actor Pedro Pascal who has sent the internet talking as he takes on the role of the businessman, that is, Maxwell Lord.

You guys should all know that this character has become a presence in a variety of the biggest comic book events mentioned in DC over the course of the past years. Wl, this guy does have some notable history with our superheroine. Maxwell Lord will showcase himself as a businessman who is heading the task of an oil company. His company is known as Black Gold International. He is rather curiously seeking investors in his estate. Although, he does so through some gloriously awkward television infomercials.

Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord

Who is Maxwell Lord?

Pedro Pascal explains that he is selling the American dream of wealth by convincing the people to call him and give him their money so he can invest it in oil. Pascal says that the only problem is that he is still digging. The actor says that this has not been revealed to the public by his character. He says that Maxwell does not intend it to be a scam, but his only issue is, he has not found oil in any of the places he was looking for it.

Pedro says that this is the reason why he has become so desperate now. Then we will see in the film that Maxwell Lord has eventually allied himself with Cheetah of Kristen Wing. Thisnisbwhynhe takes on a more villainous path in his life. Although, all you guys should know that all his misguided actions originate from a desperate need to make his young son proud.

Here is how Pedro Pascal describes his character in the new Wonder Woman 1984!

Pascal also revealed to the fans that the interesting thing about Max is that he is a highly familiar guy. His characteristics include being divorced, having a kid, and he does not want his son to witness him in the form of a failure. According to Pedro, Maxwell thinks that he can shine in his son’s eyes by showing to him that he is a success and is powerful and rich and provide him with whatever he dreams of having.

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As our Pedro, he says that it is a costly lifestyle to maintain, but it is something that we can all relate to. As The Mandalorian actor has truly said, Maxwell’s length of journey in terms of establishing his worth to his own self as well as the world and ultimately his son is what actually converts him into a proper DC Villain.

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