Extraction 2: Joe Russo Talks About His Plans For The Film

Well, we have seen that Avengers: Endgame has marked the end of the time of Joe Russo as well as Anthony Russo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there surely is another project that keeps them busy. They currently have another film under the banner of AGBO Films, and one of them includes Extraction. This has been directed by their longtime stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave while its stars actor Chris Hemsworth. Also, there was a panel with Steven Weintraub from Collider at CCXP Worlds back on Saturday. In here, the Russo Brothers discussed some potential plans to have a sequel for Extraction.

Joe said that he is not going to give his word about anything because he thinks that everything is more exciting when they have people to surprise although, he will surely say that they are working at creating a universe of films that might explore some of the other characters that were present in the first film. He revealed that if we are ever interested in the character of David Harbour, then we can witness him in the Extraction films that might release in the future.

A still of Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction

Here is what Joe Russo said about Extraction 2!

Joe continued to disclose that they are all trying to search for a variety of new ways to narrate these films and maybe even cross-pollinate them. They collectively say that they are a huge fan of just creating new paths in the stories. Then Joe goes on to hint that they can maybe even go forward or backward at the same point in time, and maybe the events which have already happened affect the events happening in the present. He says that they can maybe even explore some different points of view.

According to what Joe thinks, each antagonist is some protagonist in their story, and thus, there surely can emerge a point of view from that point. As you fans of Extraction (and obviously Chris Hemsworth) might already know that Extraction is based on the graphic novel called Ciudad. It has been developed by the Russo Brothers along with Ande Pars. The tale throws the entire spotlight on the story of Tyler Rake, who is a grizzled mercenary and is summoned to rescue the son of a drug lord from the clutches of a rival criminal.

Extraction ― Reception on Netflix!

At this point in time, Extraction has proved itself to be one of the most-watched original films on the streaming giant Netflix. Shortly after its release on the platform, Joe Russo signed a deal with Netflix to write a sequel to this story. The Russo Brothers have a diverse library of contents at AGBO with their next directorial project Cherry, that is set to come out in the theatres just next February. Cherry will also release on Apple TV plus in March of 2021.

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