Gavin and Stacey “Might” Return, According To James Corden

We, all the fans of Gavin and Stacey, know how there was a long year of hints as well as teases and denials from the cast of the show about a new installment. Although, as it looks like, all those varieties of speculations about more Gavin and Stacey to follow up from the Christmas special of last year can finally be put to stop. Actor and talks show host, that is, James Corden said that that he was hoping that the comedy would return. He wants the next episode to be the last one where we see Smithy and Nessa with the rest of the gang.

He revealed this information in one of his interviews with James says that he hopes so much that the officials allow them to do it. Also, if it really happens, according to him, it will be the last and final part of the show. Also, all the fans can expect not to watch the show just yet because Corden added that currently, he is under too much pressure for his chest to take at the moment. He says that he is in the anxiety of 2020. James says that if he is given the task of working on another Christmas special, it would be tough for him to breathe.

Gavin and Stacey: Cast Members

Gavin and Stacey ― James Corden hopes for a new Christmas show but can’t confirm it!

Then he went on to use various metaphors by saying that he does not think that they will all cross the bridge (create the show) when they are set on it, but he promises us that he will not lead us towards the bridge unless they all think that it is worth the journey. We all know how the Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey that came out last year proved to be the biggest scripted show of the decade and broke the viewing records all across the channels.

These comments made by James Corden are followed by the ones made by Rob Burden. He told the Metro that he is torn on whether the show should return or not. Rob says that he is always weighing his options between wanting to get off while people still want more from them. But at the same time, he comes back again and does it once again because it was all so fun. Obviously, fans know that they want more from Gavin and Stacey. After the cliffhanger ending in the 2019 show, everyone is curious to know more about the ending.

Gavin and Stacey cast members will have festive fun on Christmas!

Also, we should always keep in mind that no one puts a cliffhanger unless they want to continue the story. So we can speculate that Gavin and Stacey might come out sometime later. Although there has been a year, we are still no closer to know whether or not Smithy accepted the surprise proposal made by Nessa. Well, there is no doubt that hope is still hanging on the horizon. And even though we are not getting any special in this holiday season, some cast members from Gavin and Stacey will come back on the BBC Radio Wales show by Joanna Page on Christmas Day.

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