Scream 5: New Bloody Visual Teaser For The Film

Not a long time ago, the team which is set behind the upcoming Scream 5 had shared a behind the scenes pictures. It is a snapshot of a weapon that has become synonymous with the films. The official Twitter handle that manages Scream 5 film updates has come forth to share the picture of a bloody knife. It is sitting in a pool of red liquid. As for the caption, the creative team decided to tease the fans.

They say that there were just a few drops of blood to clean up on the set. All this while, the post also provided us with a serious warning. It says that the official sources have states that all of this is false as well as misleading. The picture of this knife was posted about two weeks after Courtney Cox, an actress on the project of Scream 5, celebrated the ending of the filming session.

Scream 5 ― Teases a new weapon of the serial killer!

She also paid a generous tribute to Wes Craven, the original director of the Scream films, on her social media platforms. At that point in time, Cox posted a picture of herself with Craven on the set while they were working on their first Scream film. Cox captioned her post by saying that the process of filming has just wrapped on Scream 5. Everything about it started 25 years ago with the director as well as her beloved Wes Craven.

Although, Courtney says that when she was walking on the set after 25 years, she did not know what to expect from everything. Although, the thing that she found was an incredible new cast with two highly talented directors. She says that she is pretty sure Wes will be very proud about where his franchise is leading. You guys should know that it was Wes Craven himself who has helmed the first four films available in the Scream franchise. All of these were created by Kevin Williamson.

William Sherek an interesting fact about Scream 5!

Craven passed away when he was 76 years in the back in 2015. Although, the latest installment, that is, Scream 5, is getting a direction by Matt Bettinelli Olpin and Tyler Gillet. Also, it was recently revealed to the press that just like Wes, these two new directors did not reveal to the cast members about who the Ghostface killer was while the filming was going on.

According to the film producer, that is, William Shrek, the directors gave all the actors different drafts of the film so that no one would really know about who the murderer actually was until they actually witnessed the full film. Also, just a few plot details have been shared, and the majority are kept under wraps. We will see a young woman in this film who comes back to her hometown Woodsboro. Although, she finds out about the horrific murder cases that are connected to a masked serial killer.

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