Korean Money Heist Decided Some Lead Cast Members For The Upcoming Series

Sadly, we all know that Money Heist season 5 will be the last entry in this popular series, and thus, the show will end in 2021. When this event happens, all of us people who care deeply, madly in love with the story and its characters and connect to them on an emotional level will be left with nothing but a Dali mask shaped hole in our hearts. But what if you guys can experience all the magic over again all because Netflix announcing about the Korean adaptation of this Spanish drama series, which included crime as its genre.

Obviously, over the past few years, we have seen that people are actually enjoying the KDrama episodes and shows. And we also have Netflix who enlists some great drama shows from Korea on its streaming platform. If we ever happen to receive a Korean adaptation of Money Heist, it will surely prove to be one of the Netflix library jewels.

Korean Money Heist ― Here is what Alex Pina has to say about it!

This upcoming adaptation will be directed by Kim Hong Sun. We have previously spotted Kim on other successful projects such as Voice as well as The Guest. Also, Ryu Yong Jae has written the screenplay of My Holo Love. Ryu is now going to serve as a writer for this upcoming Korean Money Heist. All this while, you guys should know that the production of this series is going to be a collaboration between BH Entertainment as well as Content Zium.

Also, it is pretty disappointing that Alex Pina, the creator of the original Money Heist, will not be back for this Korean adaptation. Although he surely had a variety of comments stored for it. He said that the creators of Korea have been growing their own language and audiovisual culture for many years now. Alex says that just like their series, they have also managed to pass the cultural borders and become a point of reference for many viewers that happen to be around the whole world, and especially, this is the case with young people.

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Korean Money Heist Characters Decided

Korean Money Heist ― Cast members revealed!

This is exactly why he finds it fascinating that the world of La Casa de Papel is pretty attractive to creators from Korea that they find it worth adapting. Also, Alex says that the fact this new drama series will be set on the Korean Peninsula is another factor slash milestone which he is pleased about. Also, till this point in time, only give cast members are confirmed by Netflix, the streaming giant. Yoo Ti Jae is set to reprise the role of Professor. Jeon Jong Seo will enact the character of Tokyo. All this while, we have Kim Yoon Jin, who will play the part of Lisbon. Then Park Jae Joon will reprise the role of Berlin. As for the fifth cast member, it is Bae Sung Woo, whose role has not been revealed by the creators.

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