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The Umbrella Academy Season 3: What is The Sparrow Academy?

Well, after debuting another phenomenal season of the show, all eyes have turned towards The Umbrella Academy season 3 on Netflix, the streaming giant. Also, the good news is that Netflix has already renewed our favorite show for a third season. All this while, the disappointing part of it is that we will have to wait until the end of 2021 or maybe even 2022 for the release of the third outing. The show can be considered as an original one from Netflix. The show has literally a variety of genres.

It is emotional, thrilling, humorous, and obviously, includes superheroes. The show has been created by Steve Blackman. although, the plot of The Umbrella Academy is adopted from the comics that go by the same name. These books have been created as well as illustrated by Gerard Way along with Gabrial Ba. Also, we all should keep in mind that the superhero phenom has gripped the people who watch it for the better half of this decade.

The Umbrella Academy season 3

The Umbrella Academy: A still from season 2

The Umbrella Academy season 3, All Your “Sparrow Academy” Doubts Cleared

Back in November of 2020, it was confirmed by the creators that The Umbrella Academy season 3 is now an official thing. The show can be considered as a highly popular one among all the people and can be considered as one of the best originals that returned in 2020. With this news, a filming schedule has now been set for the show. It is to start the process of production later in February of 2021. Well, if everything runs on time, we can expect the show to release sometime in the first quarter of 2022 or maybe even the second one.

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Obviously, with the ending of the second installment of The Umbrella Academy, some huge cliffhangers were thrown our way. This has left us with a variety of questions about the third installment. Obviously, the biggest one among all of it was the queries regarding The Sparrow Academy. After they come back to their present time, we witness that The Umbrella Academy discovers about the mess that their actions in the past have created. All the audience can witness that Sir Reginald is alive and well. Although, he reveals the shocking existence of The Sparrow Academy.

How did The Sparrow Academy ever exist?

Well, if you have noticed, we saw five figures and a green glowing cube before The Umbrella Academy on the second floor of the library. But then again, another shocking reveal comes through in the form of Ben Hargreeves who is alive. He says that he does not know who the rest of these people are. This happened all because of their meddling in Dallas which has resulted in the formation of a new timeline. Thus one does not know the existence of The Umbrella Academy. It might be because these guys revealed Sir Reginald’s mistakes that he is going to commit in the future. He might have rectified them.

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