Chris Evans Clarifies His Buzz Lightyear Casting in Upcoming Pixar Movie

Many announcements are doing the rounds in the film industry after Disney’s investors’ day conference. Several projects came to light and have been the center of euphoria. One such new topic that grabbed people’s attention is the film Lightyear. The film was announced on Thursday and quickly became a point of interest for the viewers.

The announcement of the film was pretty vague and not precise. With many assumptions and confusions pouring in, it was assumed that Chris Evan had replaced Tim Allen, who has been voicing our beloved character of a space ranger in all its installments since 1995. Disney clarified that Lightyear would be a spinoff and a prequel of Toy Story.

Chris Evans, who’d be voicing Human Buzz Lightyear, was a part of 11 Marvel Comic Universal movies for almost 8 years. But he eventually retired from his own icon role of Captain America in 2019, after the “Avengers: Endgame.” The Captain America actor seems very excited about bagging human space ranger in the upcoming movie. He mentioned the same on his Instagram handle. He wrote that his team could barely contain their excitement when they told him that Pixar had a pitch for Evans. All they said was ‘Buzz Lightyear’ without mentioning anything in detail.

Chris further added that he was partially skeptical about agreeing to lend his voice to the character. He wrote that Tim Allen is the real Buzz Lightyear, and no one can ever touch his performance, nor can anyone replace him. He further tells us that since his team didn’t tell him about his role in detail, he was curious to know how this character was different and why the story was worth telling. Having got such a big opportunity, he further shared his excitement and told his fans that he could say two things with absolute confidence. 1. That he couldn’t stop smiling through the ENTIRE pitch. Ear to ear. 2.Everyone can rest easy. And get very excited.

Chris Evans even took to Twitter and clarified the fans who were concerned about the replacement of Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear. The fans seemed worried that the Captain America actor has successfully replaced their iconic Buzz Lightyear and had started tweeting about the same. Chris said that Lightyear isn’t the story about Buzz Lightyear, the toy. Instead, it is the story about the real human Buzz Lightyear that inspired the creation of the toy under the same name.

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Till now, the names of actors who will be lending their voices to the other characters of the film have not been specified. We even have no clue about the presence of any character from the Toy Story franchise. Disney also clarified that Buzz Lightyear was not a real human. It is referred to as “human buzz lightyear” under the fictional world of Toy Story.

Angus MacLane, the co-director of Finding Dory, is set to direct the spin-off project, which will be a science-fiction, unlike the other projects. Pixar unveiled the logo of its upcoming project in a 31 seconds clip and announced the release date. The film will hit the theatres on June 17, 2020.

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