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Big Mouth Season 4 Portrays Missy’s Transformation

Big Mouth is a series on Netflix that throws the entire spotlight on a group of pubescent children at a school. They all live in a New York City suburb while they are navigating the highs as well as lows of adolescence. This series is quite famous for its sharp wits as well as an honest account of arguably one of the most traumatizing shared experience that has happened in humanity.

While we are growing up and are between the ages of 11 to 18, teenagers can fall prey to crippling insecurity that comes along with confusing sexual urges and emotions that are caught on a roller coaster ride. All this while, we happen to have deep discomfort in our changing bodies. Well, this is a guarantee that no other show captures these problems better than Big Mouth. Nick Krol and Andrew Goldberg are friends in real life, and this show has been created by them.

Big Mouth season 4

Big Mouth season 4: Missy having second thoughts about her dungaree

Big Mouth season 4 explores Missy’s character and her insecurities!

In the past seasons, we saw that principal characters, that is, Nick, as well as Andrew, were solely awarded for the best of everything that this show has to offer us. The main focus of this show is laid on the individual woes as well as the camaraderie that exists between the two boys while they are going through changes. Finally, in the fourth installment, which came out on the 4th of December 2020, we got a lot more of it. The show is still delivering its quintessential madness, and this is why the newest season of Big Mouth has dived deep into the waters which are yet unchartered.

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The story spends more time with its previously neglected side characters. Well, the latest season of Big Mouth was in order to explore the identity as well as anxiety with the most notable characters to Missy Foreman Greenwald. She is actually the endearingly naive and awkward ward of a Jewish mother and a Black father. Missy takes on the center spotlight in this installment in which the audience is subjected to explore her racial identity and subsequent anxiety.

Here is how Missy transforms in Big Mouth season 4

The show starts with Missy as well as her family visiting the family of her father. Then we are quickly introduced to her cousins, who are Quinta as well as Lena. Their voices are lent by Quinta Brunson as well as Lena Waithe, respectively. They both join forces in order to give Missy a makeover. They ask Missy to ditch her dungarees that look like a child for jeans and then switch up her hair from a playful to puff beaded cornrows.

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The attention to detail which is given by The Big Mouth by its team is commendable. They have made sure to feature Missy’s father being profiled at the airport security as well as City Girls with Rico Nasty and SZA and Nina Simone posters that are available in Missy’s cousin’s room.

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