The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Everything About The Animated Spin-off Film

The Witcher season 1 came out on Netflix, the streaming giant, back in December of 2019. Since that point in time, it has become one of the greatest selling shows for the platform. Earlier this year, it was revealed by various news media outlets that Netflix is set on to create an anime feature film about the show. As well all know, it is surely going to be set in the world of The Witcher, popularly termed as the Continent.

Since that point in time, a variety of knowledge has been gained by the reporters over and over regarding this anime movie. Here we have wrapped up some major details about Nightmare of the Wolf coming up on Netflix. Despite the fact that the majority of the popularity of The Witcher arrives from the video game trilogy created by CD Projekt Red, it has been adapted from eight book saga.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf ― Anime film is not based on Sapkowski’s books!

They have been penned down by author Andrzej Sapkowski from Poland. We are well aware that there literally is plenty of content available within the novels as well as short stories by Andrzej. Although this forthcoming show, that is, Nightmare of the Wolf, is actually not from any of them. Strange, right? In fact, it is said that Netflix is looking up to reveal an entirely new tale about the beloved character, that is, Vesmir.

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He is going to get a proper introduction to all the audience in The Witcher season 2. Vesemir can be dubbed as an old Witcher who serves the purpose of a mentor and a fatherly figure to Geralt of Rivia. This event has taken place in the books as well as games. Well, according to the official description given away by Netflix for their forthcoming film, the events that take place in Nightmare of the Wolf are taking place long before the birth of Geralt.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf ― The story will explore the adventures of Vesemir!

According to Netflix and their official description, in the film, we will all witness Vesemir starting his own journey long before he started mentoring Geralt. It is his journey and adventures in the form of a Witcher. It was especially when the mysterious Delgan claims him through the Law of Surprise. According to Beau De Mayo, who is the writer for this animated film, the tale will exist within the canon of the show, of course.

We can all also expect it to link it with the life and action appearance of Vesemir in The Witcher season 2. There is nothing wrong in hoping that even Geralt will provide us with a cameo appearance perhaps towards the end of the story, and his character will be voiced by Henry Cavill himself. Obviously, this announcement made by Netflix to create an anime movie about the franchise has sent surprise waves across the fans. Everyone is highly anticipated to see Nightmare of the Wolf.

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