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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Anime Will Get Season 2, New Specials

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Anime fans have many stories to tell about their long waits for the renewal of their favorite series. In that story of long waits, “Chivalry of a Failed Knight” has a special spot. The first episode of this anime was released back on 3rd October 2015 and with the final episode airing on 19th December 2015. Totalling 12 episodes only. Since then, fans were waiting for a Season two announcement from the producers Silver Link and Nexus.

Each year fans were expecting some news regarding the renewal of their favorite series but left in vein. Until now, there is some news about the anime series making a come back soon to the mini-screens again. And this is not kind of any rumor but is based upon actual confirmed information. We will be today looking into that.

The tale for Chivalry of a Failed Knight till now:

Chivalry of a Failed Knight, also known as Rakudai Kishi no Kyabaruii, is based upon a Japanese light novel series with the same name, written and illustrated by Riku Misora and Won. The Story of this anime is set in a world where people possess some special abilities. These people are called “Blazers.” Blazers who can summon “Devices” are awarded great respect, so they are called “Knight” as an honor. As “Devices” are considered as the representatives of souls.

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But everyone is not Blazers in this world; It is only gifted to a very few people. Some didn’t have the ability to become a Blazer. Our protagonist Kurogane Ikki, an ordinary high school student, is one among the many. But he is a lot “ahead” of others in scoring only “F” in his Blazer tests, and if you guess it, yeah, you are right. Thus the title “Chivalry of a Failed Knight.” He lives a life where he thinks that he doesn’t have any abilities, thus losing his confidence.

Until this was all changed when he met Stella Vermillion. They ended up dueling in their very first meet itself. But these scenarios made both of them decide to take part in the Grand Seven Star tournament. This tournament is where the worlds’ best knights compete against each other to win the tournament, which will award them with greater respect and recognition. For both of them, this was for the first time.

He decided to participate in the tournament to rise above the people’s wrong perception and crush the negativity by gaining his confidence.

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When will the “Knight” return?

After airing the latest episode of this series back in 2015, rumors arose as if the fan-favorite series will arrive soon in 2016. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 are almost at the end. But the fans are all still positive that there will be a Season 2 someday. Well,  you were right. Silver Link and Nexus have confirmed that a Special would be coming soon. So High hopes that it will come in 2021 or early 2022.

Even tho animes are fantasy based, it still relatable with the real world. This is one of the many reasons; this series has such a long-lasting fan base. Let’s hope that, finally, fans will be getting their fruitful reward Soon for waiting this long for even any updates regarding their favorite series.

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