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Akudama Drive Season 1 Recap, Possibility of Season 2

Akudama Drive

Set in a highly developed society, one that could be compared to Cyberpunk, Akudama Drive is based on the aftermath of a full-scale war in Japan, after which the country is divided into two between Kantou and Kansai. As a zone was created where people could not survive, people in Kansai started becoming dependent on the people of Kantou. In this class-based society, the people of Kansai started worshipping Shinkansen, a train that separated the rich and the poor- Kantou and Kansai. Written by Kodaka and planned by Norimitsu Kaihou, the story was bound to be gruesome if anything was to be taken from their partnership back in Danganronpa. The anime is an original story inspired by Tarantino’s films, a genre which lacked in the anime community. This article will cover the plot of Season 1 and give an idea regarding the possibilities of Akudama Drive Season 2.

Akudama Drive Season 1 Recap

Now their world out of order and the poor becoming poorer, people in Kansai are in a situation where the police are becoming weaker due to lack of jurisdiction. One would think a city filled with cybernetic screens in neon lights would be a utopia, but in turn, the dark alleyways of the city are filled with fugitives called “Akudama.” Being aware of these fugitives, the Kansai Police Department focuses on executing an infamous Akudama “Cutthroat” who is guilty of killing 999 people.

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Later to which an anonymous message is sent where someone has put a substantial amount of money on the line to whomsoever could free Cutthroat. Following up on this offer, four of the Akudamas go into the Kansai Police Department in the hope of a big payday, where they realize something bigger was in the works. The bounty was placed so as to collect these fugitives to work on a bigger mission: To infiltrate the Shinkansen. Their mission in the Shinkansen was to steal precious cargo from a vault at the front of the train.

Between all this stuck is an “Ordinary” girl, who was caught on minor charges but is forced to keep her persona as a “swindler.” The team must now work together in order to get the big pay, all while keeping ahead and fighting off the Executioners of Kansai Police Department hot on their tail.

Season 2 Possibilities

Produced by Studio Pierrot and Too Kyo Games, season 1 of Akudama Drive ended quite conclusively, yet the fans are looking out for a possibility of a Season 2. Being released back on October 8, 2020, and running for 12 episodes up till December 24, 2020. You can watch season 1 of Akudama Drive on Funimation and Hulu, etc.

Almost all the main characters are dead, and the Anime could be meant to be a single series Anime. But, if another season does come in the works, it could mean introducing all-new characters by Kadokawa and further exploration through technology present in the much distant Kansai future. As any season of anime does take about a year into its production, considering the season 1 just ended and the response just received. If season 2 does come into works, we can predict it will come out in late 2021 or even 2022.

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