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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Recap, Episode 5 Preview: A War is Coming!

In the beginning, Reiner runs into Falco, who seems to be in a hurry. He asks him where he was headed so late in the evening. Falco tells Reiner that he forgot something back in HQ and is going to go collect it. In reality, Falco is on a little errand he was running for Mr. Kruger. Mr. Kruger wanted to send a letter to his family. If he sent the letter from the internment zone, it would be read, and will he be removed from the hospital as he was well. So, he asks Falco to send the letter from outside so that he can contact his family. This article will cover the plot of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 and Season 4 Episode 5 Preview, along with its release date.

Season 4 Episode 4 Recap (Ep.63)

Episode 63, titled “From One Hand to Another,” focuses on the Tybur Family who has come to visit. On hearing this, Commander of Warrior Unit, Theo Magath, goes to meet up with the head of the Tybur family, Willy. Willy asks Theo if he could identify the War Hammer Titan among his family members, but he is unable to. He tells him that even though Tyburs control the land, Marleyans brought the war to themselves. Willy intends to reveal the truth to the whole world so that they realize the consequences of their actions and asks Theo to join him.

Willy Tybur asks Theo Magath to join him.

Later we see the Tyburs having a welcome ceremony for people from abroad. In there, he declares that he will be conducting his first theatre production in the Liberio Internment Zone. In which he will reveal the answer to people’s hate for Eldians. The next day, there is an ongoing festival on the streets, after which the warriors head to the theatre. In the theatre, Falco is nowhere to be seen but comes back for Reiner as he has someone he would like Reiner to visit. Then he takes him to a dusky cellar where Reiner, after four years, encounters Eren.

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Falco and Gabi

After the meeting with strategists to plan out their attack on Paradis Island, the warriors see the candidates having a race in which Falco gains the lead against Gabi and wins. Later, on the inquiry of a guard, Zofia and Udo tell him that Falco finally won against Gabi. On again hearing of her defeat, Gabi gets angry and claims that she will inherit the Armored Titan. Falco walks forward, saying he will still try till the decision is made. Gabi is unable to understand why he was trying so hard even though his brother was chosen for inheriting the beast Titan and so he will become an honorary Marleyan anyway. To which Falco screams that he was doing it for her, intending that he doesn’t want her to become a titan and have the consequences of that lifestyle. She is still unable to decode his feelings and gets frustrated.

Falco confesses to Gabi as to why he was trying so hard to inherit the Armored Titan.

Mr. Jaeger

Falco has come to meet Mr. Kruger, who is grateful for his help with the letters. When Falco leaves, one “Mr. Jaeger” comes to talk to Kruger. He asks him to stop interacting with Falco as he and his brother had worked hard to get into the warrior candidates. If Kruger kept interacting with him, suspicion might arise, due to which Falco will lose everything he had worked for. He even asks Kruger to go back to his family, not to have regrets. Kruger asks Jaegar if he had any, to which Jaegar starts to relive his fears and starts screaming. He says that he regrets forcing his son to become a doctor, due to which his son ran off with his daughter to the outside of the walls. This disclosed to us that Mr. Jaegar was, in fact, Faye and Grisha Jaegar’s father and Eren and Zeke’s grandfather.

Mr. Jaeger regrets his past, where he forced his son to become a doctor.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date

The next episode of Attack on Titan titled “Declaration of War” is most likely to air on January 6, 2021, at 12:10 am JST. Attack on Titan is scheduled to resume airing its episodes after 2 weeks. Make sure to convert the above time to your local time zone to watch the latest episode as soon as it is aired. The episodes are available on major platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation.

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Preview (Ep.64)

As Falco brings Reiner to a dusky cellar, we see another reveal to be made inside a cellar. For the past three seasons, we have seen some significance to them with the reveal of Annie and even info on the outside land by Grisha Jaeger’s cellar. For Reiner, the most astonishing part is that Eren the Founding Titan, who he had trained with for years, was under his nose all this time. He had disguised himself, but his name was a giveaway to us as Eren Kruger was the name of the Restorationist who saved Grisha years ago. During this, the Tybur family, owner of War Hammer Titan, is about to do their reveal. We can soon expect to see where the others like Mikasa and Armin are and hope to see some info on them in the Episode titled “Declaration of War.”

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