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Sistas Season 2 Episode 13 Preview and What Happened So Far?

Sistas Season 2

Sistas is a dramedy series that is created, written, and executive produced by Tyler Perry that first aired on October 23rd, 2019. Sistas follows a group of four single black women who bond over a common question: “Why am I single”? The women navigate their love life status, careers, and friendships through living in a world of social media and unrealistic relationships. The cast of this series includes KJ Smith, Ebony Obsidian, Mignon Von, Novi Brown, Chido Nwokocha, DeVale Ellis, Brian Jordan Jr., Kevin Walton, Anthony Dalton, Crystal Hayslett, and Trinity Whiteside. Sistas Season 2 is now airing for two months, and the show is heavily popular now.

The first season of Sistas ended with a lot of momentous changes in the girls’ lives. Andi learns some new secrets about her life, and her whole world is turned upside down. Karen ends up fighting between life and death. Danni’s hidden emotions are revealed, and Sabrina is hell-bent on protecting the loved ones close to her. Season 2 will pick up from where all this left off and see the girls go through more challenges as they try to keep their personal and professional lives afloat.

Season 2 began production on July 15 and wrapped up in less than 2 weeks. It mostly shot the series in Atlanta. It even followed a lot of COVID restrictions and protocols like every other product, especially the testing from the cast and crew of the series. It followed the strict guidelines and protocols that involved testing the cast and crew of the production and even used the quarantine bubbles for filming.

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What happened in Sistas Season 2 so far?

Andi found out that the man she was involved with was married and involved in money embezzlement and fraud. She ended up breaking up with him, but he wanted her back by saying that someone set him up. Dani calls her out for being involved with a married man, and it turns out that she is also being dragged through the mud for it. The FBI starts investigating this issue and not only comes into her home but also in her work as well.

Sabrina also gets dragged into this problem due to her wiring of 14 million dollars into the account. Karen even talks about her near-death experience where Aaron’s ex-wife’s brother broke into her house to kill her, he ended up stabbing Zac, but she shot him. She even tries to deal with her relationship with Zac after the attack and reexamine it, especially since he cheated on her several times. Preston even surprises Danni with dinner and roses.

Sabrina thinks that Gary is telling the truth about his ex-wife setting him up for the crime, but it may be too soon for Andi to get back together with him. Danni even makes sure that she doesn’t get too close to Preston and tries to push away from him when she blames him for handcuffing her to the bed. Loretta makes Zac apologize to her in the day before letting him out of jail. Andi later sees Gary excited, but issues stir between them when Gary gets jealous of Hayden helping her get her job back.

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Next Episode?

Sistas Season 2 Episode 13 will release on 27 January 2021, and it will pick up where it left off in episode 12, where Andi struggles with the fact that she is being punished for dating a married man. Calvin and Maurice agree, and Danni and Sabrina support Andi as she tries to make things right with Gary. You can watch the show over at BET and Amazon Prime.

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