Gen Lock Season 2 Confirmed? Everything You Should Know

Gen:Lock Season 2 Confirmed on HBO Max? Everything You Should Know

This American animated web series, which premiered on HBO Max in January 2019 and deed in March 2019, is now coming back with a unique and mind-blowing season 2, confirmed by HBO Max at the end of 2019. Still, due to lockdown, no advancement is made till now, and the fans of this series are eager to know when will this season 2 release for them.

For all the die-hard fans of this series, we have good news that now your wait is over as we have collected every information about the mind-blowing season 2 of this series that is soon going to premiere on HBO Max. This American animated series is going to touch down some extreme level of craziness for its fans.

From our sources, we have collected some in-depth down details, which can make you jump in the craze, and it will increase your excitement to the next level you can’s imagine. This season 2 will be one of the best seasons for any animated series released till now or is soon going to release.

Gen:Lock Season 2 Confirmed on HBO Max? Everything You Should Know
Gen: Lock Characters

Characters and Voice Cast

It is confirmed that all the fantastic characters of season 1 will be again shown in season 2 of this series, and this time their powers are improved, and some extraordinary powers are given to the lead. So, all the fans can wait and watch their favorite characters getting exceptional abilities, which they will love to see and will enjoy to its best.

In the lead characters list and their voice cast we have, Michael B. Jordan voiced Julian Chase, Dakota Fanning voiced Miranda Worth, Maisie Williams voiced Cameron ‘Cammie’ MacCloud, Golshifteh Farahani voiced Yasamin Madrani, David Tennant said Dr. Rufus Weller, Gray Haddock voiced Lieutenant Leon August, and Chad James voiced Jodie Brennan.

Some of the minor characters and their voice cast are Lindsay Jones voiced Simone Rasmussen, Shari Belafonte expressed Roberta Chase, G.K. Bowes stated Driana Chase, Lara Toner Haddock voiced Patricia Bartlet, Lawrence Sonntag voiced ABLE, SungWon Cho voiced Heng Li “Henry” Wu, Anisha Nagarajan voiced Dr. Fatima Jha, and Matt Hullum said, Marc Holcroft.

Gen:Lock Season 2 Confirmed on HBO Max? Everything You Should Know
Lead Character of This American Animated Series: Gen Lock

When Is Season 2 Releasing?

This is not yet confirmed when will season 2 of this series release as all the plans for this season were ready but got delay due to the ongoing conditions as safety is everyone’s priority. The work for this series was expected to start by January 2020, but everything got shattered due to the continuing crisis.

But still, from our sources, we came to know that Matt Hullum, co-founder and chief content officer at Rooster Teeth, has said in an interview that they are beyond excited for season 2. They are planning to finish all the pre-production and post-production work for this season 2 by the end of this year and may release this series on HBO Max in the first half of 2020.

Although nothing is officially confirmed, we will keep you updated about all the latest happening of this series, and we will update that official release date for season 2 of this mid blowing series for which its fans are curiously waiting on our site. We know its difficult, but keep patience, and soon, you will know the official release date for this series.

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