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Euphoria Second Special Episode: Cast Details and Preview

Euphoria is a teen drama series that is aired on HBO since 2019. The series stars Zendaya, Hunter Schaefer, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferriera, Alexa Demie, and Sydney Sweeney. Euphoria tackles many teen issues that happen in the world today, especially sex, drugs, alcohol, mental health, trauma, identity, and social media.

What happened to the characters in Euphoria season 1?

Rue Bennet

Rue Bennet is a young teen girl who comes back home from rehab months after overdosing. She was born 3 days before the September 11th attacks and at 13 lost her father to cancer, which caused her to suffer from several mental health problems and start using drugs and alcohol to cope. She doesn’t have any intention of being sober and still continues to use them. But one day at a party, she ends up falling for a young girl named Jules Vaughn and instantly strikes a friendship with her and eventually falls in love with her.

Because of her, she decides to stop using drugs and become entirely sober.  She even suffers from severe depression; one episode of it was so bad that she couldn’t even bring herself to pee. She even finds out about Nate blackmailing Jules and threatens to stay away from her. She later gives an idea to Jules that they run away to Los Angeles together. Still, unfortunately, Rue ends up backing out and uses drugs again, which causes her to have a musical hallucination. She later goes to her group therapy friend Ali, and both of them have a heart to heart talk about what their past lives were like when they abused drugs, what are the mistakes they made, and what they want from life.

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Jules Vaughn

Jules is a young trans girl who has recently moved to town with her father. In the past, she was locked in an asylum by her abusive mother, who did not accept her for who she was. She started transitioning at 13, and when she grew up, she ended up having hookups with adult men, including Nate’s father, Cal Jacobs. When Nate tries to hurt her at the party, and she fights back, she meets Rue, who forms a friendship with her and instantly falls in love with her.

Jules’s life turns upside down when she chats with “Tyler,” who turns out to be Nate blackmailing her with nude photos of her’s so that she could be quiet about his father. He again blackmails her into lying about an assault he committed on Maddy. She later visits a friend from her hometown, where she meets a girl named Anna and hooks up with her. When she returns, she tells Rue that she might be in love with both her and Anna. When Rue decides to run away with her, Rue ends up backing out, and Jules ends up leaving the town.

Nate Jacobs


Nate is a young man who deals with his anger and toxic masculinity. At the age of 11, he saw videos of his father making out with trans women and gay men, who were really young, which lead him to have a complicated relationship with his father and severe anger issues. He even abuses his girlfriend Maddy, even literally choking her. When Maddy gets back at him by making out with a boy named Tyler, he breaks into his apartment and beats her up, and accuses him of sexually assaulting her. He even frames him for choking Maddy and blackmails Jules with her nude photos. He even manipulates Rue by instilling her insecurity about her relationship with Jules, which causes her to back out of her getaway plan.

Maddy Perez


Maddy is a young woman who has a toxic relationship with Nate. One day she finds explicit pictures on his phone that he was using to catfish Jules. When she confronts him about it, she ends up being choked by him. When her mother finds out, Maddy tries to keep the whole thing shut, but her mother ends up having the police involved with this case anyway. Nate blackmails both Tyler and Jules to lie about the whole thing. Maddy even finds out a horrifying secret about his father when she sees a video of him having sex with Jules. She eventually breaks up with Nate.

Cassie Howard


When Cassie and her sister and Rue’s childhood friend Lexi were young, their father ended up in a car accident, which caused him to abuse drugs and leave the family. Later, he came back and began stealing stuff for drugs, and she covered for him. This caused her to have several unhealthy relationships with men and having a tumultuous one with McKay, who constantly sl*t-shames her and refuses to acknowledge her as his girlfriend. One day when she goes to a college party with McKay, and they both end up having aggressive sex, she ends up getting pregnant. With her supporting mother, she ends up getting an abortion.

Kat Hendarez

Kat is a young girl who has dealt with body image issues her whole life. But one day, when a video of hers is leaked online, she finds newfound confidence in herself and becomes a cam girl, streaming steamy videos of herself to men in exchange for money and expensive gifts. She even begins a relationship with a boy named Ethan, while side-by-side, she makes out with other boys. She ends up getting jealous when he sees him talk to another girl and lashes out. An uncomfortable session with one of her clients causes her to stop camming altogether and apologizes to Ethan over her behavior at the winter formal, and he forgives her.

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When will special episode 2 come out?

The second special episode of Euphoria, titled “[email protected]@k anyone who’s not a seablob.” will be aired on January 24th, 2021, and it will focus on Jules and how her relationship with Rue affects her and how she deals with life. Euphoria is available to watch on HBO Max along with the new special episodes.

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