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Beastars Season 2 Episode 2: The Rattler Appears!

Beastars Season 2 Ep. 2: The Rattler Appears!

In a civilized society full of anthropomorphic animals, there is ever-existing friction between the Herbivores and Carnivores. This elevates due to the predation of one Alpaca from the Drama Club, Tem. Legoshi, a quiet grey wolf who was a friend of Tem, in a twist of events falls in love with a dwarf Rabbit, Haru. Haru has been secretly dating the Drama club leader- a Red Deer, Louis. Conflicted by his predatory nature and love for Haru, Legoshi is put yet to another test when Haru is kidnapped by the Lion Mafia, Shishigumi. He saves Haru while Louis comes and puts a bullet into Shishigumi’s boss’s head. Now, this season will follow up more on Legoshi and Haru’s relationship. And also what fate fell upon Louis as he has been missing from Cherryton Academy for 2 months. This article will cover the prospects of Beastars Season 2 Episode 2.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The episode titled “A Teen’s Never-Ending Dream” begins at the top of Cherryton Academy as Legoshi and his roommates gaze at the sky above. They were invited by Jack to witness a once in a lifetime moment. But as there were no shooting stars, everyone was about to leave. So, Jack volunteers to bring his telescope to get a better look. After grabbing his telescope as he was headed back to the terrace, he heard a sound. The sound came from around Tem’s shrine. When he went close to examine, he gets startled as he sees eyes moving around behind the open door. Scared for his life, Jack runs away from the area.

Beastars Season 2 Ep. 2: The Rattler Appears!

Jack discusses what he saw at Tem’s shrine with his friends.

The next day as the boys are in their class, they discuss what Jack had seen. They feel like Jack is making it all up to distract them from the fact that there were no shooting stars. That’s when Collot mentions a rumor regarding a 6 eyed monster on the campus. Hearing this, another classmate tells that it is apparently Tem’s ghost, as the culprit for his murder is still isn’t caught. And the fact that Louis has been missing from Cherryton has to be in some way connected to these incidents.

Relationship with Haru

Legoshi would now chat with Haru at breaks. He would ask to meet, and she would decide the place. Legoshi discusses the rumors of the monster, but Haru disregards them, as rumors of that kind were normal. Everything regarding these meetings seemed fine, except for the place Haru picked was quite unusual. On asking, he realizes that seeing Haru with Legoshi was creating rumors across the academy. So, Legoshi asks to have an open relationship, but Haru says that she is happy with how things are and does not want to change it. When Legoshi is working alone, confused from what Haru meant, Legoshi questions if they are still in a relationship, and he contemplates the fact how he promised Haru that he would get stronger to protect her but really had done nothing to keep his word.

Legoshi and Haru secretly meeting during breaks.

Rattling Sounds

The drama club discusses the fall performance casting and prospects without Louis. That’s when Legoshi remembers how the last time met Louis was at Meteorite Festival, where he punched him. As he was deep in this thought, a rattling sound startles him. This sound came from the ceiling, but he could see nothing.

Later at night, Durham and Mugino go to check out Tem’s shrine to prove Jack wrong. But as they were about to get a picture as evidence, Mugino sees an eye behind Durham. Mugino gets scared and falls down. Just as he was about to show Mugino what picture he took, they both see the reflection of 6 eyes over them. They both run back to their room. The next day, they inform this school newspaper, so they investigate the topic. Legoshi asks if there was a rattling sound there, but they had heard footsteps instead. That’s when the rattling sound again disturbs Legoshi.

Louis’ Return

As Legoshi tries to investigate the school from outside, he runs into Louis. Louis greets him and walks ahead. Shocked at his return and full of questions, Legoshi follows Louis and asks where he had been for the past 2 months. Louis addresses his time away and walks ahead calmly.

Louis returns to Cherryton Academy after 2 months.

He goes to the Drama club, where everyone is glad to have him back. Louis apologizes for his absence and offers his resignation from the club. He remembers his time on stage how he used to stand in the limelight with people wanting him to mess up. As he was leaving, he speaks with Legoshi, how now the light and dark were reversed. And he tells him to have fun squirming in the dim light as he had chosen a different way to fight.

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Legoshi walks down the stairs when he sees Juno. As he was about to talk to him, Juno starts to walk away. She is upset with Legoshi as in their previous conversation, and she felt he wasn’t clear. She thinks that he hates his own species. So, Juno wants Legoshi to dump her clearly as she has a feeling incomplete. As Juno starts crying, Legoshi tries to calm her down by inviting her to bathe in the moonlight together in Wolf’s room. When they reach there, Juno is cheerfully greeted for her speech back at the festival. She had changed the outlook of Herbivores towards Carnivores. Juno believes as hard-headed as she is, Legoshi is pushier. Legoshi believes that Juno is the form of justice in a room full of carnivores.

Juno and Legoshi walk into the Wolf Room.

Legoshi’s Purpose

Several days later, Legoshi and his friends discuss how the monster was just a prank by a first year. During this, Legoshi realizes that Juno has become quite popular. He is confident that he won’t stray from his path. Juno can reign at the top of school while he himself gets strong. Legoshi realizes that his ideal way of living strong is just living his regular life. Thus, Legoshi is surprised that he found his life’s purpose when he is just 17 years old. That’s when the rattling sound again starts bothering him.

The Encounter

Back in his room, while his roommates are discussing the rumors about the monster, Legoshi again hears the rattling sound. He tells his friends that something really is present in their room itself, and it was watching him. Scared from what Legoshi said, Jack tells him how this was Tinnitus caused due to stress and lack of sleep. Suddenly the sound creeps up behind Legoshi, so he punches the wall breaking it. Having to fix the wall now, Legoshi leaves to get the laundry and some tools. While doing the laundry, Legoshi asks the sound to identify themselves. As he knew someone was watching him, and his friends would soon start thinking he is crazy if he doesn’t have answers. That’s when the sound finally agrees to show herself and drops down from the ceiling. Seeing the eerie aura of the creature from the ceiling, Legoshi looks scared.

Beastars Season 2 Ep. 2: The Rattler Appears!

The one creating the rattling sound finally decides to show herself.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

The next episode of Beastars will air on January 14, 2021, at 12:00 AM JST. Beastars will release its new episode every week, Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live. Be sure to convert the above time to your local time zone to watch the episode as soon as it is aired. The episodes will be aired on Fuji TV and Netflix Japan and are to be later add-on to Netflix Worldwide. You can catch up on all the episodes of Beastars Season One on Netflix.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 2 Preview

The next episode of Beastars will provide an answer to the question as to who was making the sounds. Judging from the rattling sounds and the trailer, it is quite possible that this creature is the large snake that appeared in the trailer. As the setting is the same as the one in the trailer, and from what we saw at the end of Episode 1, the creature most possibly is a snake. We will come to know why this creature has been lurking around the school and why has she been watching Legoshi all this time. Does this creature have any connection to Tem’s murder, and why can’t the rest hear the rattling sound. The next episode could even tell us more about Louis’ time away. We might finally find out where he has been for the past 2 months and what changed him.

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