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Euphoria Season 2 Release Date: Here Is What We Know!

Euphoria season 2 is now back on its heel to return on HBO. This series, which stars model and actress Zendaya, throws the entire spotlight on a group of teenagers from California and how the events in their life, good as well as bad, connect them to each other.

The story of Euphoria has been taken up from an Israeli TV series, which goes by the same name, and it has run for ten episodes from 2012 to 2013. This project was done for HBO by Sam Levinson, who has written all eight episodes in the first season while directing five of those.

euphoria season 2

Euphoria season 2 updates!

The character of Zendaya does the narration of Euphoria season 1, that is, Rue, who is a recovering addict living somewhere in the California suburbs. Her fellow mates study at East Highland high school.

Euphoria season 2 was provided with a green light by HBO back in July of 2019 when season 1 had not even finished airing half its episodes. Levinson is expected to return on the set as showrunner. All this while, even all the cast members of Euphoria are expected to make a return especially considering how the story about them was left in Euphoria season 1 finale.

Euphoria season 2 release date!

Euphoria release date

HBO has not yet confirmed the euphoria season 2 release date. This drama has established itself as a popular summer series for the network, and it also means that Euphoria season 2 could have a similar window for a release date. Also, it has been revealed by the officials that they are trying to release Euphoria season 2 by the end of 2020, but it would not be a surprise if the date gets shifted to early 2021.

Euphoria season 2 story!

The creators have not disclosed what the story of Euphoria season 2 might be. We were left with a jar full of questions when the first season of Euphoria met an end, and the biggest one of these was the health of Rue. When the finale was happening, we saw how she relapsed after refusing to get on a train with Jules.

They were doing this to escape their suburban lives. The last moments of season 1 went about like a dreamy musical tale that might mean Rue is overdosing for the second time, and this could be a dead-end for her. In Euphoria season 2, we will be able to see if Zemdaya’s character is alive or not.

We are also expecting to see Nate, who had suffered a mental and emotional breakdown just before the high school celebrated its winter formal during the season finale. He again broke up with Maddy, who has made up a CD’s length of incriminating evidence against his father.

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