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Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled? Know Here

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled? What We Know So Far

For all the die-hard fans of “The 100” TV series that premieres on CW who are continuously requesting the creators for season 8 of this series and those who want to know there will be a season 8 in this series or not, we have gathered all the details about it. We will be clearing all your doubts which are revolving in your minds from the day season 7 ended.

This series, which is running since 2014 and till now, has premiered seven seasons has attracted millions of users throughout the globe. It has made some die-hard fans who have never missed a single episode of any season of this series and have already fall in love with the story and cast of this series.

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled? Know Here

The 100 Cast

They all are in significant doubt whether there will be season 8 in this series or not, so no worries. Our team at Artistree has collected every detail about the new season of this series, and we will be revealing everything in this article. After reading this article, we don’t think that there will be any place for doubts left in your minds.

It is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama television series that premieres on CW and are based on a very famous novel series with the same name written by Kass Morgan.

This series is developed and created by Josan Rothenberg and is produced by Jae Marchant, Aaron Ginsburg, T.J. Brady, Rasheed Newson, Kim Shumway, Miranda Kwok, Alyssa Clark, and Charles Lyle in association with Alloy Entertainment, CBS Studios, Warner Bros. Television, and Bonanza Productions.

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled? Know Here

Lead Cast

It is executively produced by Jason Rothenberg, Bruce Miller, Matt Miller, Gina Girolamo, Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Cheryl Dolans, Dean White, Ed Fraiman, and Jeff Vlaming, and its distribution rights are owned by CBS Television Distribution and Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

Some of the leading actors who have played crucial roles in this series include Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Paige Turco as Abigail, Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Christopher Larkin as Monty Green, and Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan.

Is The 100 Season 8 Cancelled? Know Here

Season 7 Cast

In supporting roles in this entire series, it has Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha, Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane, Ricky Whittle as Lincoln, Richard Harmon as John Murphy, Tasya Teles as Echo, JR Bourne as Russell Lightbourne, Chuku Modu as Gabriel Santiago, and Shelby Flannery as Hope Diyoza.

They all have given their best performances in all the seasons of this series and hence were highly appreciated by the millions of viewers. There fan following has increased rapidly after this series, and they have got millions of followers on their social media handles who always support them.

Now comes the biggest question that the fans are curious to know whether there will be a season 8 or not? We have awful news, and we are sorry to say that no season 8 will be released for this season and season 7 was the last and final season of this series.

This is a big turn-off for all the fans who have their emotions attached to this series, but it is entirely accurate that this series is given a red light for season 8, and this was confirmed by the developer of this series himself by a tweet.

All the fans are highly requesting the creators for a new season, but the creators have answered a big no hence giving showing a red flag and breaking the hopes of fans. But no worries, many series come and go like this, and it is guaranteed that the creators will return with a new series somewhat similar to this one.

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