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Holby City Release Date Might Be In November 2020!

Holby City Release Date

All the people who are in love with Holby City know that the show has been dead silent for about two months now. This has happened after the creators of the show have run out of regular episodes to screen because of the pandemic caused by the fatal Corona Virus.

But as of right now, fans are getting pretty curious to see when the show will return for a fresh batch of episodes. It was the 11th of August when we last saw the remains of Holby City. It happened hen the officials ran out of the piled episodes that were filmed earlier the lockdown set foot in the United Kingdom.

Holby City might release in November 2020

Holby City halt in August―Reason!

This all happened in the middle of March. Earlier, during the time of Spring 2020, soap operas airing on BBC Network were forced to shut down the process of production because of the chaos caused in the world. As a result, Holby City, Casualty, East Enders as well, as Doctors were all compelled to take a potential halt. ITV, along with Channel 4, had to suspend the filming process even before their country went into the state of complete and strict lockdown later in the same month.

As Holby City finished their filming four months in advance, this means that they had an advanced number of episodes to them get them through the summer airing period. The show even went through an extended hiatus from April till early June in order to make sure about the even spreading of episodes on BBC for their summer slot.

Holby City’s remaining episodes release date!

This scheme made the trick possible and took us audience well into the month of August while we had Holby eventually pausing again. This was done on an event of a tragic cliffhanger in which we all witnessed how Essie passed away on her own wedding day. This was because she was diagnosed with terminal cancer just a few weeks before the event had to take place.

As of right now, nothing could be said about a set return date for Holby City for our screens. But the good news is that we have the whole cast as well as the crew back on set to continue the process of production. And this has not started just now; it has been going on since July. If things keep up with the determined schedule, then we can speculate to see Holby City by November of 2020, given that Holby likes to film four months in advance. It was confirmed by bosses of Holby City that back on the 27th of July 2020, which was a Monday, they all were back on the set and have started filming the show once again.

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