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Outer Banks Renewed For A Second Season – Release Date and Cast

outerbanks season 2 coming soon

For all the binge-watchers who are extreme fans of the Netflix series and always watches the maximum of the Netflix films and series as early as possible, we want to share with you that one of the best Netflix creations that are the Outer Banks or OBX series, is finally renewed for a second season on the huge demand by the viewers.

This  American action-adventure mystery teen drama web television series is soon again coming on Netflix with an amazing and mind-blowing season 2, which will again attract you and will make you fall in love with the story and the extraordinary cast.

Netflix is day-by-day improving its content and most of the films or web series that releases on Netflix as it is originals are highly liked by the viewers as well as the critics. Most of the Netflix original series and films receive IMDb ratings of 7 and above, and we would like to inform you that it is really a good IMDb rating for any film or series.

Outer Banks Renewed For A Second Season - Release Date and Cast

Outer Banks Lead Actors

As we mentioned before, the first season of this Netflix series also received an IMDb rating of 7.6, and we always share all the details when they are completely genuine, and we have all the proves for it. ‘Outer banks’ is created and is executively produced by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

It is produced by Aaron Miller and Sunny Hodge in association with Rock Fish and Red Canoe Productions. The editing work of this series was managed by Sunny Hodge, Christal Khatib, Jeffrey M. Werner, Kyle Bond, Scott Wallace, Blake Maniquis, and John Peter Bernardo, and its cinematography is done by J.B. Smith and Gonzalo Amat.

This was a complete masterpiece series that was released on April 15, 2020, with a total of 10 mind-blowing episodes with each episode of approx 45 minutes in length. In the lead roles, this series has some extraordinary actors who have given their best performances in this series and thus were largely appreciated by the audience and received a lot of followers.

Outer Banks Renewed For A Second Season - Release Date and Cast

OBX Cast

They all are now again coming back in season 2, and this time they are again expected to give their best performances to make this season a big hit. The lead cast includes Chase Stokes as John B, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Rudy Pankow as JJ, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron, Austin North as Topper, Charles Esten as Ward Cameron, and Jonathan Daviss as Pope.

In supporting roles, it has Adina Porter as Sheriff Peterkin, Julia Antonelli as Wheezie Cameron, Caroline Arapoglou as Rose, CC Castillo as Lana Grubbs, Chelle Ramos as Deputy Plumb, Marland Burke as Mike, and Gary Weeks as Luke.

They are in supporting roles but still were a very important part of this series. Some changes can be seen in the supporting cast of season 2 of Outer banks, although nothing is confirmed the creators of this series till now.


OBX Instagram Handle

For those who are again and again becoming curious to know when will this season 2 release, then we would like to share with you that no official date for the premiere of this series is announced by the creators Netflix till now.

But still, you can expect it anytime in summers 2021. The creators of this confirmed through an Instagram post on the official Instagram page of OBX that they are finally getting this series renewed for a new season, and also Netflix has approved their project.

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