La Revolution: Netflix Has Dropped A Trailer For The Upcoming Series!

Well, well, well, as of right now, the streaming giant Netflix has dropped a potential trailer for its upcoming drama about the French Revolution called La Revolution. If we judge the video by the looks of it, then the trailer, as well as the show, sure looks to be a violent and bloody topic.

La Revolution release date is set to be the 16th of October 2020, which is a Friday. Netflix has described the show has a rebooted history about the Revolution in France.

The timeline of the La Revolution is set in 1787 and is going to throw the entire spotlight on the future inventor of the guillotine as he discoveries about a disease called Blue Blood. This disease is responsible for driving the aristocracy in order to murder the common people.

What do we know about the story of the La Revolution?

In the trailer, everyone can witness a voice in the start saying that a day is going to come when all the slaves will break their chains, and the wretched will join all their forces to raise their cry of rebellion. Also, a variety of brutal executions can be acknowledged in the video as well as the members of the aristocracy. These people have taken a vow to ruin the whole Brotherhood, which is planning to overthrow them.

Also, we see people of the Brotherhood discuss Blue Blood even though they concede that they are not even aware of the phrase yet. At the concluding moments of the trailer, we see another character who urges his friends that their enemies are very strong, but if they unite among themselves, there exists more of them, and thus, everyone has to fight. La Revolution has provided us with a thumping soundtrack, and there is absolutely no shortage of blood put on display in the trailer, and this is why the tale looks like a rather intense and grueling binge.

La Revolution―Trailer and other details!

The cast for La Revolution includes Amir El Kacem, Marilou Aussilloux, Julien Frison, Lionel Erdogan, Laurent Lucas. We have also provided the trailer up above of La Revolution for you guys to watch.

A more detailed plotline of the La Revolution is unfortunately not known to anybody. These pieces of information are kept under tight wraps, and not even sources are much aware of it. Even though there is no problem because we will be provided all the episodes of the show in one go at Netflix on the aforementioned release date and thus, there will be no secrets anymore.

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