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Unresolved Mysteries: Volume 2 Release Date Confirmed By Netflix!

For all the people who are in love with Unsolved Mysteries, the wait is now finally over. A volume 2 of this detective show has been confirmed by the officials and expected to release on October 19, 2020. Netflix had disclosed this information on its official Twitter page when they shared a pretty creepy picture of a misty forest with a caption that says, let them see ho much of a sleuth has Unsolved Mysteries Volume has made us fans.

It was after a closed inspection of the picture that the fans witnessed a small line hidden within the whole snapshot. It said something about new mysteries, which will be dropped off on October 19. This news has really caused quite the storm among people, with many of them rushing to comment on this tweet. A person simply writes yes while the other one wrote Amen.

Unresolved Mysteries on Netflix―Reception!

A fan even went on to give Unresolved mysteries a review telling how much he loves and admires the format of this show because instead of making the series about whoever the person is hosting it, the creators have actually made it about the participants. The guys say that he likes that each episode consists of just one story and thus giving everyone the time they deserve.

Well, at this point in time, it is unknown about what these new batch of episodes are going to be all about, and even though Terry Dunn Meurer, the creator of Unresolved mystery, has shared that one episode in this show is going to look at some sort of unusual activity.

What will Unresolved Mysteries Volume 2 all about?

She has also said that the new episodes will come out sometime later this year. Meurer has even revealed that Unresolved Mysteries will explore deeper into another paranormal mystery, which is quite similar to Berkshire UFO, an episode in Volume 1, where residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts have reminisced their terrifying experiences which happened with a UFO on the night of September 1, 1969.

Then Terry was asked if the viewers will be provided with a ghost story this time; she approved but also qualified that it is quite an unusual ghost episode because it is a bit different.

The first six episodes of Unresolved Mysteries were dropped on Netflix back on July 1, and fans got immediately hooked to it. From the deaths as well as the disappearance of Rey Rivera as well as Patrice Endres while Alonzo Brooks was brutally murdered and Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes had a mystery, all the six episodes sent the viewers into a solid frenzy.

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