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Someone Has To Die: Release Date Set By Netflix!

Someone Has To Die is a forthcoming Spanish series that has been created by Manolo Caro. Caro has previously worked on projects such as The House of Flowers. The genre of the show excels in the department of thrill.

The timeline of Someone Has To Die takes is in Spain back in the 1950s and throws the entire spotlight on a conservative as well as a traditional society during which the Franco regime happened and where appearances and family ties play an important part. The show consists of just three episodes, and the cast of Someone Has To Die is studded with stars. It features Carmen Maura along with Cecilia Suarez. Someone Has To Die release date is set to be the 16th of October 2020 on Netflix.

Someone Has To Die―Plotline and cast members!

In this show, we will witness a young man who is recalled to Spain from Mexico by his own family, who announces that they have found someone for his wedding. However, this guy brings back a male ballet dancer with him called Lazari to his conservative town. The story of Someone Has To Die is quite surprising.

The cast members of the show includes Carmen Maura, Ernesto Alterio, Isaac Hernandez, Juan Carlos Vellido, Eduardo Casanova, Manuel Moron, Cecilia Suarez, Alejandro Speitzer, Pilar Castro, Mariola Fuentes, Carlos Cuevas, Ester Exposito and Ray Davila.

The streaming giant signed Caro for an exclusive deal with their company, and he began the process of production on this miniseries called Someone Has To Die. Not Now, the production company owned by Caro has also worked on this show, which is said to deal with major issues in the society such as homophobia, conservatism, family as well as change.

Someone Has To Die release date.

Someone Has To Die―History and Production!

Caro has even said the cast of this series is a dream for him. He has previously worked with a bunch of them as Suarez is one of his constant collaborators, while Casanova has been in the Spanish scenes contained by The House of Flowers. It is even known to the press that Maura once visited Caro as well as Suarez while they both were filming in Madrid for The House of Flowers back in February of 2021 in order to discuss the show.

All this while, Someone Has To Die will prove as the first act the role of Hernandez, who is a Mexican ballet dancer. He is also considered to be one of the best dancers in the world. The show began filming in Madrid back on the 23rd of October 2019, and the creators are delivering it exactly a year after.

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