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The 40-Year-Old Version (Netflix Film) Release Date, Trailer and Cast

The 40-Year-Old Version (Netflix Film) Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Netflix is, again and again, coming back with one of the most amazing series which are full of romance, comedy, drama action, thrill, and everything you want to see. Whatever your mood is, Netflix always has some film and series recommendations for it.

Like if you want to watch something romantic the Netflix has Virgin River, Familiar Wife, Too Hot To Handle, Riverdale, and many other series for it, if you want to watch something comedy and drama then it has Dead To Me, After Life, Easy and many others and like this Netflix has hundreds of choice recommendation according to your mood and interest.

Thus, Netflix is day-by-day increasing its international value and is becoming one of the most-watched OTT platforms in most of the countries wherever it is available. Now again Netflix is back with a comedy film that is soon going to release on it and will again make the viewers more attracted to Netflix as compared to other platforms.

The 40-Year-Old Version (Netflix Film) Release Date, Trailer and Cast

The 40-Year-Old Version Cast


This comedy film is directed and written by Radha Blank and is produced by Radha Blank, Lena Waithe, Jordan Fudge, Inuka Bacote-Capita, Jennifer Semler, and Rishi Rajani in association with Hillman Grad Productions, New Slate Ventures, and Endeavor Content.

The cinematography work of this film is done by Eric Branco and editing was managed by Robert Grigsby Wilson. This film is 129 minutes long and right now will be released only in the English language. But there are some expectations that it might later be dubbed into many other languages also.

Radha Bank is performing many roles in this film and thus, is the most important part of this Netflix comedy film as she is the director, writer, produced, and also the lead actress of this film.

The 40-Year-Old Version (Netflix Film) Release Date, Trailer and Cast

Complete Cast of This Netflix Comedy Film


Now coming to cast, we would like to share that not the complete cast of this film is revealed but still from the sources we have come to know some of the leading actors and their roles in this film which we will be sharing with all the curious fans on this post.

It includes Radha Blank as Radha, Peter Kim as Archie, Oswin Benjamin as D, Reed Birney as Josh Whitman, Imani Lewis as Elaine, TJ Atoms as Kamal, Welker White as Julie, Haskiri Velazquez as Rosa, and Jacob Ming-Trent as Lamont in the lead roles.


Also, an amazing trailer for this comedy film was released by Netflix on its official Youtube channel a few weeks ago and it is receiving really good and overwhelming comments as they are really liking it.

Release Date

Now coming to the main part of this article that when will this film release on Netflix? We would share with all our readers that this film is all set to release on October 9, 2020, for all the Netflix users. This film is 129 minutes long and after reading to reviewers of the audience on the trailer, we can say that everyone is liking this film and rests we will share after this film is released.

This film earlier had a worldwide release at Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2020, and there Radha Blank, the director, writer, producer, and lead actress of this film won the U.S Dramatic Competition Directing Award. We would like to know your opinions about this film when you will complete watching it so definitely share your reviewers with us in the comments section below.

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