The Binding: Netflix Release and Film Description!

Halloween is just around the corner, and all this while, Netflix is acting like Messiah and providing all us subscribers with loads and loads of content to binge-watch on an actual day. The streaming giant has dropped off The Binding, which is all about a supernatural creepy person who is dressed in dabblings in a witchy cultishness along with all the jazz in the world. This film serves as the feature debut of director Domenico Emanuele de Feudis, who is also Italian and brings to mind Fulci and Argento. They both are his influential countrymen also available in the filmmaker market.

The Binding begins with a lot of screaming. We can all witnessed people standing around a fire in a putrid catacomb and a subjugated woman who can shatter a mirror just by looking at it. The movie stars actor Riccardo Scamarcio in the role of Francesco and his fiancee Emma, the character of whom has been enacted by Mia Maestro.

The Binding Release Date and review

The Binding―Netflix story and review!

They even have a daughter who is seven years in an age called Sofia, whose part has been played by Giulia Patrignani. We see how Emma has yet not met Francesco’s mother, who has a house in southern Italy in a huge home isolated in the middle of the woods. Emma’s future mother in law lives at this place along with Sabrine, who might actually be a housekeeper or maybe even a friend who keeps on making some really creepy incantations about some precious blood. Also, while watching The Binding, you are just going to get reminded of other tales such as Rosemary’s Baby as well as The Witch and The Exorcist.

After watching the whole film, a person can surely confirm that the editor who did the sound effects was surely paid a 10 buck award for each ridiculous sound they created. However, one of the memorable scenes in the film was when Emma says of their new home and the surroundings that are made of wood that it was magnificent. To this statement, her mother replies that it is all that she has, and it also has taken a lot of sacrifices.

The Binding―Release Date and Official Synopsis!

According to the official synopsis given away by Netflix, it is said that The Binding is all about Emma who visits her mother in law, a woman who lives in the southern part of Italy and at that place, she must overcome all her fears of the mysterious and malevolent curse that are intent on claiming Sofia. The Binding came out on Netflix back on the 2nd of October and is now fully available to watch.

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