PlayStation 5: Will The Product Get Sold Out on Launch Date?

The preorders that have started for PlayStation 5 has made the products one of the hardest consoles to lay a hand on. You guys should know that there are two consoles available right now. First is the main PlayStation 5, which can be bought for €449.99. Then the second one is the PlayStation edition, which can be bought for €349.99. But still, the biggest question which remains in our mind is how do we get a hands-on one of these devices.

It has become pretty much impossible to find a new stock in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Although, some consoles have dropped on the e-commerce platform called Very. Also, you guys should keep in mind that the new stock is coming up to Currys and John Lewis. It is set to release on the 19th of November 2020.

PlayStation 5

Will you get your hands on one?

We do have an issue of England going into a second lockdown phase on the 5th of November. It means that we will be sitting at our homes when this new console comes out, even though it looks like this is exactly the appropriate time to play PlayStation 5 when nobody can go out of their houses. But obviously, it is not that simple of a task. We also have Sony announcing that any extra stock which will be available from the 19th of November is not going to be in stores. This news does make sense because none of the creators want people crowding inside shops when the Corona Virus is spreading so rapidly.

You can buy it on Amazon too if you reside in the same day delivery catchment area. PlayStation has officially made a statement saying that no units will be available in-store for buying on the launch dates, that is, the 12th of November or the 19th of November. The company has requested all the highly anticipated fans to not camp out or line up at their local retailer on the launch day with hopes to find a console of PlayStation 5 for purchase. They asked everyone to remain safe and place their order on the web only.

The consoles will only be available online

All this while, if a person has already secured the position of a console, they do not need to worry about anything else. It is because you will be assigned a designated pickup time. Also, if have already preordered this new device, it will be delivered to your doorstep shortly. Sony has also revealed that these are the limited units, and no more will be made available. Thus, it means that you can only order the product online. As of right now, it looks like this next-generation machine is going to be worth our wait. All this while, no one can guarantee that a player will really end up with a new console or not.

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