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Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings A New Opertor and Other Changes

Rainbow Six Siege New Operator weapons
Rainbow Six Siege (Credits: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Seige is back with another big update that brings a new operator, a map rework of Skyscraper map, and some key updates for Hibana, Echo, and Jäger’s gadgets. The name of this new operator is Aruni that can deploy laser gates that can hurt any Attackers and destroy their gadgets. She is a medium-speed, medium-armor Defender who hails from Thailand to place her gadget called Surya Gates over soft, reinforced walls, windows, hatches, and doors. This will project a glowing laser grid on the entire place, which will destroy any Attacker drone and utility projectile upon hitting it. What’s more, it will damage any Attacker that touches it. But once it’s placed over a wall, there is a small room left underneath it, which leaves space for drones and projectiles to pass through it.

What this gadget does is force the attacking side to think more carefully before breaching. When it destroys another gadget or hurts someone, it goes into a cool down to recharge itself. This means if an attacker uses a grenade, a gadget, or an operator gets zapped to take down a Surya Gate, that blocked doorway will become just another doorway again.

There is one thing to keep in mind: there is a delay between zapping something and deactivation. What this means is that if an attacker wants to shut down the gate and want to use another one, they will have to wait or risk it getting zapped as well. As for the weapons, she possesses a P10 Roni submachine gun and a big MK 14 EBR marksman rifle. This is the first time that a Defender got a DMR. Along with this, her secondary consist of PRB92 sidearm for close encounters.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operator abilities

Rainbow Six Siege (Credits: Ubisoft)

This gadget, Surya Gate, is indestructible, but when they are recharging, they won’t activate automatically. It is useful to foil attackers’ plans and their strategies as well. Along with barbed wire and proximity alarms as to her secondary gadget slot, this makes her an even more of a powerhouse in the defending team.

This update also brings a map rework for Skyscraper, which makes exterior balconies that have been done to decrease the attacking side’s opportunities to shoot Defenders without entering the building. They’re also a new roof that can be used by the player, and on the second floor, there is a connector that will give a good advantage to players. Furthermore, the bombs sites have gone through some changes, which will make them more competitive.

There are also some changes to some gadgets, which include Hibana’s X-Kairos launcher, which now can toggle it to shoot two, four, or six explosive pellets. On the other side, Echo’s drone will now always be visible, which will grant the player to see where the annoying thing is coming from. Lastly, Jager’s ADS gadget will now take out one projectile. After that, it will need to recharge before destroying another. Lastly, the runout time for Defenders has been shortened so that the players who are outside to get an angle on the Attackers will get detected earlier.

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